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the Masters M.C.-New Series, New Site

Ya'll may have read previously that the Not Even Death series was meant to be a quick little distraction while I was editing the novel "Golden Doll". But before N.E.D. there was another story asking to be told.

Cover concept-not actual cover
Clearly I get much of my inspiration from music--this was no different. I kept hearing the song--have continued to hear the song--on an almost daily basis. The song became a full on soundtrack, the characters grew--branched off into family trees--until finally the story was almost literally screaming to be told. Like a child throwing a tantrum, I finally had to address it or continue to be tormented by it's clamoring.

The song-"Tuesday's Gone With the Wind". The story-The Masters M.C. #1-Property Of will hopefully be released before summer of 2015. *Unless its picked up by a publisher-in which case I'll be the one screaming while I wait for its release.*

The book is so aggressive it demanded its own website, go check it out The Masters M.C

I'm almost finished with Not Even Death #3-ALWAYS Your Master (which I've been advised to send to publishers as well.) The storyline for the last installment in the Not Even Death series is mapped out too.

As 2014 comes to a close, I can see a bustle of activity coming for 2015. None of it is as exciting to me as this new story.

Here is a teaser from the prologue, ride on over to their site for more to taste the unique flavor the Masters M.C. has on the menu.


All over Louisiana there are myths and legends—stories told and retold to fit the spice of the storyteller’s palette. Dis particular legend is true—and its mine. Its flavor is spicy—hot—blackened. Sometimes it’s even black and blue.

Dis is da legend of Tuesday Grace Billeaux and the Masters M.C. A true tale for the ages if der ever was one.

It started in Bayou Country like so many of dem do—but then it headed for a different swamp. Maybe you’ve heard of da Everglades? In between I bounced all over da south. I never really knew who I was—only what Mama told me to be and what my sister told me I was.

I musta turned over every rock between here and der looking for a place to fit. It usually led to bein’
between dat rock and some damn hard place. 

But, ain’t that always the way? 


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The Path to Glass Dildos Is Paved with--Ooo Shiny!

A great meme for my weekend!
If you look at the meme to the left, you will sort of get an idea how looking at craft things to throw a series of book release parties ended up at glass dildos.  

Crafts and glass dildos do go together don't they? (Could happen to anyone.)

During my cyber shopping spree--(Read:Pinning and bookmarking everything that went together in my mind for future use.) I did manage to find inspiration for some elements in the book I'm finishing, Not Even Death #3-Always Your Master.

As I continued to shop, I found oodles of ideas to throw the aforementioned parties--as well as how to make labels in MS Word. While in Word, I began designing the three piece patch concepts for the MC Romance series I will begin in 2015. 'Cause labels and motorcycle club patches are almost the same *cough*.

Incidentally, designing the patch rockers is what brought me to the sites on the path to glass sex toys to begin with.

Every story needs a soundtrack
I have yet to actually type a word for the story, although, I've managed to find a ton of inspiration for all types of things. Consequently, I have more ideas to paint the atmosphere of the dungeon and formal BDSM dinner I'm writing--so things are being written/conceptualized/drafted--they just haven't made it into my computer yet.

I've also found a plethora of unique ideas for promotional items. Which is how I ended up writing this particular blog post now. As I was drinking my coffee, thinking of what I could say or use on different items--because ya' know, I just picked up a pen and my mind went there--I thought about the messages and symbolism I use in my story lines.
This can be beneficial or Ooo SHINY!
The transforming power of love is a common under--or over--lying theme in my work and life. The most obvious other topic is surrender. In my work surrender is in the form of submission to a Dominant by a female slave but the other, probably less obvious, form is surrendering to your true self (whatever shape that may take.)

Symbols worthy of note are the infinity symbol and how similar it is to a butterfly--the commonly used symbol of transformation. If we live our lives as a journey and not a destination we are constantly in a state of change--infinitely transforming. Each love--relationship--friendship aids in the color of our design. The infinity symbol also looks like a twisted halo--and most of my characters are twisted and tarnished but good at their core and true to who they are.

Working cover for "Golden Doll"
When all the dust settles and "Golden Doll" and the MC Romance series are released I will explain more of the hidden things I add to the stories that have many meanings. Just keep in mind, when you read my stories--I choose my words quite deliberately.

Now, I hope to be able to reel myself in and continue to write the remainder of Calico's journey with the Bishop. Its been a Dickenesque trip through her past with just enough Carroll thrown in to make me wonder if the Bishop is Scrooge, The Queen of Hearts or just a sexy, high protocol Master she loves to hate.

Time to slow the warp speed to a comfortable pace and revisit my old friend hyperfocus!

Hyperfocus is the very reason I ended up researching the weather for the dates of my most recent story and found there'd been an historical Nor'easter.


P.S. What about the glass dildo?

It made it into this delicious poem by Saharah Shae
This is a great Christmas poem about the #NaughtMisfits

Saturday, December 13, 2014

AUTHOR'S CHOICE SAMPLE-Not Even Death #3-Always Your Master *Sneak Peek*

Rough cover copy
This is an excerpt from yet to be released, third installment in the Not Even Death series. 
Coming soon!
Hope you enjoy the teaser! ~B.B. 
Calico felt a hand on her ankle and running up her naked thigh. The duvet cover 
was pulled back and the chill of the room air hit her warm flesh causing goose 
bumps to spread across her sleeping form.

 She tried to move but the pressure of a large hand on her head made it 

 “Be still slut…school is in—tomorrow—is here.” The Bishop’s voice broke 
into her dreamy thoughts. 

Is this really happening?

​ Her legs were roughly pulled apart—his other hand grabbed her hips—positioning her for use.

 “Your sweet little pussy is so ripe for my taking. I’ve heard the stories but it’s so much better to find out 
for myself.” 

​ His hand remained on her head, pressing it into the bed. His other hand began working in and out, 
spreading and inspecting all her folds.

 “A sincere heart…an open mind…and a wet pussy are the best foundation for learning.” His hot breath 
warmed her ear and sent shivers through her wanton exposure as his fingers continued to explore.

 “Yes…” She tried to speak.

 “Quiet slut! I don’t want to hear you now. I want you to feel me as I prepare you.”

​ After all her training Calico responded well to a Master’s touch, but she couldn’t believe she was 
genuinely turned on by the Bishop.

  Holy shit he’s gotten sexy—use me please. Your pleasure and lessons are much more important than 
my sleep.
His large hands pulled her apart, her vulnerability only added to the passion building inside. She could 
feel his eyes, touching her everywhere followed by his fingers. He stroked her lips and then her tight, 
pink puckered hole. He’d never touched her this way before, and something in his brash manner made 
her flush with heat.

 “Carissa would never have been capable of this—your reaction is very pleasing Pet.” He couldn’t 
believe how she’d grown and changed since graduation. His friend had done a remarkable job continuing her education. Any doubts he’d had about participating in her retraining melted away as he prepared to take her. 

 Using her sweet nectar he slowly pumped his thick cock to the delicious sight before him. Stroking 
between her lips he coated his head with her wetness—it glistened in the glow of the room.

 “Kiss my ring slut.” He said offering his pierced head to the prone slave.

 Calico felt a flood of excitement race through her. Oh—my—he’s fucking hot!
 She graciously accepted the invitation, kissing the large steel ring adorning the thick head. She licked 
and kissed in a sensual offering of submission and respect. She’d never experienced a Prince Albert 
before but there was something so erotic about having to kiss his sacred ring. 

 “What a good slave you’ve become…I will use you so well during our time. I want to take your 
everything in my hands—mold you to the desires of your One—and use it all for my pleasure.”

 The pressure on her head was removed and yet she didn’t try to budge—she could feel him—holding 
her—by his will alone. 

He’s molding me for my One—for Markus?  
The ring was at her entrance, covered but still an added sensation. She loved the strange new feeling as 
it entered her completely.

 He began slowly, teasing and opening her hole. She didn’t try to move as his hands held her hips to 
ensure his pleasure. The feeling of fullness increased as he grew harder within her warm, wet, fuck hole. 
The more he took, the wetter she became and then his thrusts increased.

 “Such a good, dirty little girl you are…what a lovely hole to use.” He marveled at her obedience—so 
different from the flippant little bitch he’d first met. He’d enjoyed punishing her then and now he would 
enjoy it all. 

 Calico steadied and stilled herself as best she could. She knew her job was that of a hole for his desire. 
If he wanted something other he would surely let her know, until that time she would relish being taken 
for his delight.

 “I will take everything slave—your body is but only a part. I will take your mind—your heart—and 
anything else I choose.” He plunged deeper, making sure to hit bottom as he did.

Oh, fuck that hurts!

 Calico whimpered and sucked in hard as the ring grazed her cervix—she didn’t dare speak. 

Please Your Excellency, don’t stop! Because I hate it you must continue—I need it!
 “I will take your pain—your delicious salty tears—I will remind you of the importance of transparency.” 
He continued slow and deep—knowing she’d cry for him before he was done. Thinking back to his discussion with 
Markus—early on in her training—made him smile.

 “If you want tears,” He’d advised, “take her in her sleep. In that dream like state her emotions will be 
heightened and the tears will flow freely….once they begin—do not stop!"

 Breaking a slave and caring for her afterward could be such a bonding experience. When Markus 
reported back, he was pleased and amazed at how well it worked.

 He flipped Calico over—grabbing her legs and holding her feet. He didn’t want to waste the delightful 
tears on the pillows and knew they’d come soon.

 The thrusts came faster—landing deeper as they reached the bottom. The pain was exquisite 
torment—she knew he enjoyed hurting her and it pushed her to the breaking point.

 Above the loud storm of emotions brewing in her mind she could hear slave bells jingle in the distance. 
The hand on my ankle! The combination of pain and pleasure multiplied with each soft, little chime. 

 “I can read you Pet…I will take your pleasure…but first I’ll take your tears.” His grip on her feet 
tightened as he drove his dick harder into her tight pussy—torturing her with his ring and his desires.

​ “Look at me slut, I want to watch you break into beautiful little bits as I take what I want.” 
The look on her face was spectacular—he knew she was almost there.

 The sudden invitation for eye contact was followed by her unexpected response. Under his intense 
stare—her chest became heavy—her throat clenched—and the tears began to fall free.

 As soon as her cheeks became wet he leaned forward, pressing her legs into her tits—his cock was 
somehow touching places it hadn’t before—as he propelled himself forcefully into her she felt relief. His
fingers wiped at her cheeks and then pressed into her mouth—forcing her to lick the salt of her 


Oh, yes, thank you Sir! 

The soft tongue of the Bishop caressed her cheeks, kissing the sought after tears.

 “Now slave…I will take your pleasure…and you will give me mine.” His voice didn’t sound harsh to 
her heart—his words exhilarated and pushed her over—she knew he’d catch her. 

 “Come now slave—with me—do not deny me.” 

​ The budding orgasm blossomed steadily—watered by the release of the tears. The Bishop, with his 
stern and seductive gaze did not back off as she surrendered it all to him. The petals grew and spread 
throughout—reaching every part of her. The ring—his steel thorn—continued to inflict the intentional 
nourishment of her tears as he reached eruption.

 Her body began to tremble beneath him as the last petal opened fully—the throbbing came in strong, 
successive bursts—milking every bit of pleasure she could from his pulsing cock. Her come soaked his 
balls as her tears soaked her cheeks—he’d taken everything he desired. 

 He kissed her tear stained cheeks and whispered, “What a gratifying slave you are Pet.” His salty 
lips skimmed her mouth in a delicate kiss.

​ “Now, be a good girl and clean me. School has just begun.”

 Calico rose quickly to attend her duties.

 “Crawl for me slut.” The Bishop said, relaxing on the bed waiting to be tended to.

 She dropped to her knees and crawled toward the bathroom. She felt him staring after her and 
turned to see him reclining.

​ That’s so strange, I feel like someone is watching me.        

AUTHOR'S CHOICE SAMPLE- Not Even Death #2-Still Your Master

With the toy, and the audio files, she’d spent a lot of time in her cage, continuing to 
condition what he’d trained. Hearing him, feeling him and knowing he’d expect her 
to remain capable for Blaze always brought her back for more. 

​After seeing the old pictures and the dress, she needed to spend time with Markus 
more than ever. Markus and Blaze—at the same time—there really is a Santa 
Claus after all!
She crawled, naked, into the cage and found the special box that held the phallus. 
The case was smooth—black and silver—and could pass for a display box for 
fine jewelry. The silver snap in the front was ornamental and added to its simple 
elegance. She removed the silicone toy from the black satin lined box and gave it 
a reverent kiss. 
“Hello Master, thank you for this wonderful keepsake.” She spoke out loud to him, as she’d done so 
many times since his passing. She didn’t want to hazard that he could hear her and not honor him properly.
Laying back she continued to kiss the toy, moistening the head with a swirling tongue as she imagined 
Markus introducing her to Blaze. The scene in her mind darted around before settling in a nightclub. 

​Is this Master’s club, or Blaze’s? 

She tried to focus, blocking out unnecessary input.
They were in what appeared to be a V.I.P. room, set above the distant revelry. The wide aperture of 
her mind’s eye could see only the three of them—the distant lights flickering in a colorful haze around 
them—bathed them in a warm glow. 

She slowly explored herself, gently rubbing on her clit as she tried to get lost in her vision. 
​“Blaze, I would like you to meet my precious slave, Calico.” She sat on Markus’ lap—the faces of the
 Masters filled the frame of the picture in her mind.

​Her finger slid up and down—teasing—before introducing the toy.

She looks as succulent as you described.” The lust in his voice was unmistakable and the dangerous smile in his eyes flashed bright in the darkened loft.

“Oh, I assure you she is that. Aren’t you Kitten?” Markus’ hand slid easily underher short skirt, 
lifting and exposing her to Blaze. 
 She blushed, “Yes Sir, if it pleases you.” Why did I say that? That’s the wrong response!

"Please forgive her.” He chuckled. “You must be getting to her Blaze.” His amusement grew and was joined by Blaze’s deep, throaty laugh.

​Without warning—save for experience—she was prostrate over her owner’s lap. How humiliating, in front of him, of all people.

She took the toy from her mouth and began stroking it between her lips. The sweet seduction was just 
like Markus.
Her ass was bared, and shining like a full, harvest moon. The long dark tresses grazed the floor as 
her head rested on her Master’s shoe. In one quick twist, he’d reduced her to holes and heels.  The 
shame of it all—damn I’m so wet!

“Would you like to try another answer Kitten?” He teased as a hand landed on her upturned mounds. 
Fingers began to explore her folds—she could see in her mind—the fingers were glistening, Markus’. 
Blaze was the sole attendee of a command performance.

“Yes, please Sir.” She spoke from where her head rest below.

​His hand came down again, as the fingers displayed her further—her passion taking center stage.

“Feel free to touch her, you’ll find she’s as receptive as I promised.”

As she struggled to find the words, new fingers—longer and of larger hands—began stroking her 
already tuned instrument. His touch was adept at hitting the right chords without as much as a lesson.

 “I’m sorry Kitten I don’t think we heard you. Didn’t you have something to say?” Markus was 
enjoying her frustration. The fingers continued playing and the hand resumed spanking.  “What was 
the question again—please Sir?” With the blood rushing to her head, and the music rushing to her 
fluttering sex—she couldn’t remember a thing.
 “She’s really very sweet, just easily preoccupied.” The spanking ceased and more fingers joined the 
song being played in her now throbbing pussy.
Markus’ hand was at the back of her neck, fisting her hair and pulling her up.

The question Kitten—you are as succulent as I promised, aren’t you?” Before she could call the words forth, fingers were thrust into her mouth. She licked her own desire, hungry to please.

Dipping a finger to her wetness she enacted the vision, sucking her fingers as if they were his.​

When the fingers were clean, her mouth no longer full—she replied. “Yes, Sir—I am—succulent and sweet…like a juicy peach.”

She spoke the words out loud, and felt a surge of excitement at the admission. She reveled in being made to talk dirty. Owning her desire and wanton lust turned her into a shameless slut—she was soaked.

“See how much she loves to be controlled? How she responds when she admits exactly what she is.” 
Markus was opening her further to Blaze—showing him the sweet honey of her pleasure—an 
invitation to feast.

​ Blaze added more fingers to her hole. As both men continued to fill her, she opened to 
accommodate—imploring them—don’t stop, please—keep going!

The teasing of the toy, the sizzling scene in her mind, had her climbing—reaching for the crest—enjoying the journey. She wanted to savor every step and draw it out as long as she could. The toy teased inside with shallow penetration.

When she returned to the dream, Blaze’s cock was in his hand, pumping in a slow steady tempo. The other hand cupped his balls, stroking gently—filling them with hot, sticky yearning.

She knew he had a large cock, she’d heard the stories. The cock in her mind was exquisite—she couldn’t wait to feel him, taking every hole—hard, unyielding—completely.

​ "I want to acquaint your cock with my slave.” Markus said, taking Blaze’s shaft from his grip—continuing the pace.

She knew something like this would never have happened in real life. Still, the idea of Markus taking another man’s cock in hand—granting access to her—caused an unprecedented rush that consumed her.​

Markus was now behind Blaze—holding, stroking—preparing his entrance. He rubbed Blaze’s cockhead up and down, between the wet, pink folds. Calico was on her back holding her legs wide, tilting up—welcoming his use.

“Talk dirty to her…tell her what a slut she is.” Markus was guiding Blaze, revealing her secret buttons.

 The soft, spongy tip of Blaze’s cock was at her opening—she longed to beg but was quiet. She gazed 
longingly into her Master’s shining platinum eyes.

“Do you accept the offer to enjoy my slave?

“Fuck yes; I want your sweet little slut!” Blaze said—throwing back his inky black mane— in closed-eyed ecstasy.
“You can use her as you please, that is something else she responds quite well to. The less control she 
has, the more she’ll respond.” Markus said, burying Blaze into her wetness up to the ridge. He was 
teasing all of them, controlling the scene.

Calico pushed the toy in a bit further, just past the ridge at the base of the tip. The lube from her wicked lust coated the toy and saturated the bedding beneath her ass.

She’s yours to enjoy—take her at will.” Markus was now behind her head, holding her legs up and open. The force of his grip pulled her back and up—divulging everything—inviting anything.

She could feel the orgasm building, as she continued to climb. She could see the top and knew it wouldn’t be long before she lost all control.​ Hold out as long as you can Kitten, pace yourself. He was everywhere!​

Blaze began to slowly thrust into her—each time going all the way—his tight, full balls playing a song against her skin as he hit bottom. 
​ She moved the toy in the same way he fucked her—slamming in all the way—slow, seductive—forceful.

Markus continued holding her open—still—bound. She couldn’t move to meet the thrusts— she 
squeezed tightly, trying to stroke his cock with her pussy. But the momentum was his alone and she 
could only accept what he gave as it was given. His teasing hardness was wondrous torture—and the 
look in his eyes left her awestruck. With a perfect rhythm he worked her up, the tempo 
building—raising her to the heights.

 “Do you want to show me how grateful you are for my attention Kitty, show me how great I make you 
feel?” He coaxed her to the edge.

 Looking up to Markus, then to Blaze—waiting for permission.
 “Tell him Kitten, tell him how appreciative you are.” Markus commanded.

 “Yes…please Sir…I am so grateful…please let me show you Sir.” She begged for release—for 
freedom to express her gratitude.

“Markus, she is very eager to please—you were right—I’ll enjoy her immensely.”
 He continued as she barely held her footing on the edge of the cliff. Her body shook, her back tried 
to arch in Markus’ hold.

“Please, Sir…please…May I come? Oh please?” She knew she couldn’t hold out much longer, she 
couldn’t disobey and yet she was restrained and couldn’t move to resist.

 “Please, Sir…I don’t want to come without permission….I beg you.”Calico pleaded with her body, 
her eyes—her urgent pleas.

“Show me Kitty—take every inch of my cock and coat it with your gratitude.”

He began plunging harder, deeper and faster—his song was nearing climax—carrying her with it.

 “Thank you Sir…Oh thank you…” She managed through clenched teeth. Tears filled her eyes and a 
primal sound escaped her soul as she pulsed on his shaft in glorious release. The pulsing beat of her 
orgasm continued, joining his rhythm—milking him with the intense grip of her passion.

​ Suddenly she was pulled by her hair to her knees, in front of the ready to explode cocks of both men. 

As she rode out the end of her solo orgasm, she continued thrusting….dreaming of the joint pleasure of 
the Masters. She sucked the toy clean—kissed it and said, “Thank you for my life Sir…thank you for 
remaining here…still.”

 After a few moments she crawled out of the cage and took the toy to the bathroom for washing. In her 
trance like state she remembered.

 “Oh no, I forgot the boots!” She squealed.
 Cleaning the toy could wait—she had a task to complete.

Author's Choice FREE SAMPLE-Not Even Death #1-Eternally Your Master

 I know there are always free samples given through retailers, but as the author, I've decided to choose which samples I personally would like to share. I hope you enjoy these!


Once in the car Derrick reached out to her. “You’re very pleasing Cali. Markus trained you so well.”

​ She was glad for the darkness. She didn’t want Derrick to see her blush. She was 
not prideful and didn’t want him to get the wrong impression. She did need to hear 
those words though, they kept her centered. Well trained, by Markus. 
He turned the key in the ignition and the car came alive—so much for the darkness. Her legs still 
quivered from the intensity of the orgasm he’d taken from her. She knew he could feel it. Her cheeks 
grew hot again.

 He pushed her legs apart as they drove toward the estate. His fingers settling on her sensitive sweet 
spot made her jump.
​ “Good, as I hoped. You know we aren’t done.” He’d be ready for more with the right incentive. A good 
session with the floggers might just provide the inspiration he needed. He smiled in the darkness, but his 
jaw tightened as he gripped the wheel. He loved how she trembled at his touch and it was so hard to 
restrain his passion. “Turn toward me. I wanna see you open to me for the rest of the night.” 

She followed his command, twisting to face him with her legs still open. Her breathing slowed as her 
heart beat increased. 

Breathe baby, you must not forget to breathe. 
She could hear Markus in her heart and concentrated on breathing slow and steady.
 He pushed her skirt up and pulled the tank down just enough to get a peek at the little treasures hiding 
beneath. His foot remained steady on the accelerator. His composure hid the barely throttled passion 
revving inside.
She felt so wonderfully exposed and helpless as he reached up, pinching her nipples. They stiffened with 
the hint of pain. She sat up higher in the seat, turning toward the pain, opening further to him. She wanted 
 him to see it all. 
 “So responsive—I’ve always loved that about you Cali.” He mused. “Remember what I told you about 
how I’d fuck you?” The temperature of his desire quickly increased at the thought. Sitting on idle for the 
ride was proving to be a challenge. He wanted her again already.
She thought back, and recalled what he’d said on Skype. She knew it had Markus written all over it. He’d
always talked about having her fucked like that--beyond her enjoyment. The idea had been molded into 
her being and was a constant fantasy.

“Yes Sir, I do.” She said, feeling a rush of anticipation. The quivering from the orgasm was replaced with
 slight, electric pulses spreading throughout her body.
“Before I go…I am going to fuck you until you beg me to stop. I’ve been instructed to ignore tears...
pleas…and any manipulation. The only thing that’ll make me stop once I begin is my choice, or your 
safe-word…Do you understand?” His hand was reaching toward her again, his eyes never leaving the 
road, foot still steady.
She began to tremble, trying to suppress the building excitement. His fingers reached her wet folds. Her 
secret was out. 
“Just as I expected…” He laughed, keeping his eyes on the road. “But the plan is to go past your 
enjoyment—past your excitement—to make you truly selfless as you’re taken.” 

He’d thought Markus was out of his mind when he mentioned his plan. He’d been assured of her response
and training for specifically this task. Derrick had never been able to wrap his head around Master/slave 
relationships on this level, but the idea was enticing. 

“Hey, “Calico asked pointedly, before remembering her place and softening her tone. “Do you like 
it…that you can make girls cry when you fuck them?” She hoped he’d say yes; if he said no she wouldn’t 
believe him anyway. She needed him to truly enjoy it. Her ability to accept it was dependent upon it.

 His cock jumped and grew harder as he considered his reply. His foot pressed down on the pedal, as his 
throttled passions rushed forth, fueling him, igniting sparks, expanding his girth before being stifled again.  
He had to keep it together, for now. The tension inside him grew.

He focused on the question. Sure, he occasionally felt bad about it—but mostly because he liked it so 
fucking much. Something about seeing tears well in a sub’s eyes while he drove his cock deeper… He 
still wrestled with that side of himself. He was only sporadically sadistic and hadn’t learned to embrace 
that inner longing. Markus knew this and time with Cali was his gift unto that end.

​ “Well, do you Sir?”

​ His fingers slipped in between her slippery folds, aiding in and distracting him from his response. He 
focused on the road but loved the sweet, wetness covering his fingers.

“Honestly?” He asked, teasing her while biding time. They were almost back to the estate and the harsh 
session ahead of them would change the tides for awhile.

 “Yes, please.” Cali said, releasing a sigh. Please, please….please!
​ “Honestly, I think someone wants to find out…someone’s wet, little slit is begging to know.” He couldn’t
 believe how turned on she was. Markus knew his slave alright. Her response was driving him crazy and 
he did his best not to react. He knew it was all he could do not to pull over and show her exactly how 
he felt about it.  Thank you Markus!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Domestic Discipline Life-Interview

So a funny thing happened on the way to turkey dinner…

I encountered someone on my Twitter feed that happened to run a site I’d seen a day or two prior. The site, Domestic Discipline Life and its owner seemed destined to cross my path. We exchanged messages and this interview began taking shape.

I want to make sure the readers of my books understand the many facets of different sorts of power exchange relationships. I hope they’ll come to understand the cornucopia (yeah, I had to go there-‘tis the season and all of that!) of similarities as well as beauty of the differences. For some, they overlap—some use differing terminology and mean the same things (and vice versa) and some are as different as candy canes and walking canes. I find it very fascinating to hear other points of view—to continue to learn and grow.

This will be the first two segments of the interview (I prefer to interview via messenger so it’s conversational and points can be touched on as things arise—this was done via e-mail so there are two different phases to it.) I already see another part coming—when I take the plunge into the Domestic Discipline Life.

Domestic Discipline Life Interview Part 1

How long have you been in the Domestic Discipline lifestyle? Did your relationship begin as DD or evolve?

Princess: I have been into the Domestic Discipline Lifestyle over 20 years. I discovered it in my late teens and from that point on I knew exactly what type of man I was looking for—someone strong and in contol—loving and caring—yet someone happy to spank me if needed.

SirDD: I had not heard of domestic Discipline until I met Princess 3 years ago. 

If evolution, how did it begin, vanilla or other? (Explain please)

Princess: My journey into DD started—as I think most people’s does—with having an interest in being spanked. I always wanted a man who would spank me if needed, as part of a normal loving relationship. DD is always evolving and always changing. 

SirDD: I had not heard of DD before meeting Princess and have never even thought of such an idea. Princess explained from Day 1 of our relationship what she was looking for and so I looked into it and did a lot of research. It all made perfect sense to me and was something I was more than happy to have as part of our relationship.

Is this your first relationship of this kind? 

Princess: No 

SirDD: Yes 

What drew you to this sort of relationship dynamic? 

Both: The communication aspect is one of the main reasons that we love DD; everyone knows what their role is and what is expected of them. There is no confusion over anything, everything is discussed and talked about. 

(Inside the brain of B.B.: I couldn’t agree more. With this sort of relationship as well as a Master/slave relationship.) 

How would you describe your relationship? Is it similar to Taken In Hand/HOH? Is it a faith based relationship if TIH/HOH? Or is it closer to BDSM; Master/slave; Dom/sub? Or is it a hybrid of these? (Please explain)

Both: Our Relationship is purely Domestic Discipline and is not faith based at all. We do not live any aspects of BDSM. To us DD and BDSM are totally separate. 

(Inside the brain of B.B.: Hmm this has the curious kitten part of my psyche piqued—I may have to dig deeper on this one. I see so much overlap and I’m inquisitive—so yes—I can see me following Alice down the rabbit hole!) 

You have a dating/meeting site for people interested in the DD life. How long have you been cultivating the site? What makes it different than other lifestyle sites such as Fetlife, etc? (Explain please)

Princess: Domestic Discipline Life is a website for those looking for a Domestic Discipline partner or for those already in a DD relationship. I have been preparing the site and making changes and improvements for 3 years now—we launched on October 25th this year. We are completely different to Fetlife, Alt etc. in many ways. Upon sign up you are not asked what your kinks are, (DD) is a lifestyle not a kink. We are purely DD based. We have forums, groups, chat rooms, instant messaging, blogs and much more! The website is very friendly and welcoming. We are currently charging only a one off joining fee of $10. We welcome everyone from the DD world to join us at

(Inside the brain of B.B.:As an aside—BDSM and M/s D/s relationships can be—but aren't always—kinky. They can be very much a lifestyle choice/calling and are to many.)

(Inside the brain of B.B.: B.B. meet rabbit hole! I must satisfy my curiosity!) 

In a Master/slave relationship there tends to be play as well a punishment or reward system. In your DD relationship do you play with whips, chains, collars and cuffs? (This is my light way of describing a typical Master/slave type dynamic.)

Princess: No, never have never will. DD is not BDSM.

SirDD: Never. Those things are not a part of DD. 

(Inside the brain of B.B.: So maybe DD is part of BDSM but BDSM is NOT part of DD?) Or is punishment used as needed without play?)

BOTH: We have always completely separated sex and Domestic Discipline. 

(Inside the brain of B.B.: Maybe that is part of their distinction? The discipline isn’t a turn on? Oh the questions for the next interview segment! This is very interesting to me personally as a lifestyle slave who lives with DD in my life.) 

Do you make a distinction between punishment and discipline? If so, how do you differentiate?

BOTH: Punishment for us is when a rule is broken, for example Princess has a list of chores to do weekly. If these were not completed then a punishment would be given. Discipline is more for maintenance, we do this once a week and it is a reminder spanking. Just so Princess knows to remember to follow the rules. 
(Inside the brain of B.B.: I recognize part of this. So maybe the dissimilarity is there is no play involved (?) Punishment is for infractions, which is familiar. The discipline part sounds similar to a slave’s rituals/practices that promote mindfulness of one’s place.) 

What would you want people to know about the possible realities of DD life for those who think its abuse in disguise?
Both:Domestic Discipline IS NOT abuse in anyway. It is fully consented by the woman and man. Abuse is not consented. There is a huge difference. In most cases it is the woman who brings DD to her partner. DD is fully discussed before embarking on a DD relationship. DD is in no way abuse Thank you for your responses! 

Domestic Discipline Interview-Part 2 

I couldn't help noticing that you do not identify with BDSM in any way personally... 
What about “Taken In Hand” and Head of Household" (are you familiar with these terms?) both of which (along with 1950's style) seem synonymous with Domestic Discipline? (Would couples involved in these types of relationships be comfortable or fit well with your site?)

Princess: Indeed, we identify with Taken in hand and Head of household and this is fundamental to DD for us, so yes people who live Taken in hand are welcome to the site. We are not Master/Slave to us that is a BDSM term. I am Taken in hand and Sir DD is Head of Household, these are key terms to us and are the foundation of DD. The thing with DD is that it is very different for each Couple.

The reasons I ask are many. I identify as a slave personally, but to most people it would seem “we” live a Taken In Hand/Head of Household/DD lifestyle-very old fashioned. We identify with the Bondage (even if mental/emotional) Dominance/Discipline Submissive/slave Master elements of the acronym. I'm also extremely domestic and service oriented. I am not a masochist and my Daddy Sir is not a sadist.

There are so many submissives looking to connect with others like themselves, who may find a lot to offer with your site. How would they view your site? Would kinky people be welcomed at your site/be able to connect? Or is the difference so vast in your opinion, that they'd feel awkward?

Princess: When it comes to kinky people—that is a hard question as most people who evolve into DD start with a spanking kink, I did myself. So as you can see DD is different for everyone. I guess if you are into whips and chains etc. then our site is not for you! 

(Inside the brain of B.B.: See there it is—I have to find out what makes this lifestyle—with its own kink—different from my personal lifestyle. Is it simply a way of self identification that makes the difference? Or is there something more?) 

So I will be off exploring the wonders of our sameness and the deliciousness of the differences to see what I can find. I hope to have Princess and SirDD back after I spend some time in their corner of the www. It sounds like a fun place for sure!

If you live in a power exchange relationship of any sort and would like to be interviewed message me here or on my Twitter. I look forward to meeting you!


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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Treat Him Like A Man or Expect A Boy

I posted a tweet of a thought I've had so many times--a thought that really came to roost on Thanksgiving while enjoying time with some vanilla friends. Funny what you see and hear while quietly observing.

My tweet was this
  • If women don't want their men to act like boys--they should reconsider treating them like children. Blog post to follow.

I wanted to expound--but there were turkeys to stuff and the aromas swirling around made it impossible to think too far beyond that tweet.  So with the taste of cranberry and stuffing waning in my mind I decided to talk about this.

As I sat observing I noticed the vanilla women, wearing the pants around the house, treating the men in attendance like boys. I notice it--and bristle every time--when I see it run rampant in the media.

THIS commercial always made me sad or nauseous--or a combination platter of sorrowful sickness--whenever I watched it. I get the same queasy feeling when I watch the counterpart with Jake (although I do laugh at that one because it shows how delusional she is!)

Before I continue, I understand that some relationships work this way and are fulfilling to the participants--this is not aimed at those people.

So, as I watched my vanilla girl friends smack their husband/boyfriend's hands if they touched anything in the kitchen--followed by a verbal scolding (in case they didn't get the point beforehand--I mean--prior to smackhand.) I listened to them, as I have many times, playing mother to their grown men--insignificant offspring (significant others.)

I've also been present when these same Mommy types swoon over alpha males; complain that their men are like children and they wish they'd man up. I listen to them give orders to the men before they go out--as if they might just forget to get out of the rain without their reminders. (Sometimes I swear it's a wonder they can even tie their own shoe laces.)

I know the men grumble about this when they are together--I've been told--because my Sir trusts me and doesn't need to hide anything from me--after all, I step back and allow him to be the man he is.

Some men are perpetual children and will never grow up. Some need a mother sort or they might not live through a day without maiming themselves (I know those types too!) They sit--game controller in hand--the world could fall in around them and they wouldn't have the sense to get up and move off the couch. Sometimes this can fill the need in both partners--and more power to you.

I see the looks of resentment on both sides of the other equation. I hear my girlfriends giving their husbands money--a look of superiority and disgust on their faces. I also notice the look of resignation and embarrassment on the men as they have to ask permission to buy things with money they helped bring to the table.

What baffles me is how the women could even wonder for a second, "Why can't he just man up?" Ummm maybe because you're so busy controlling everything the poor guy doesn't have the opportunity?

They watch my relationship with my Sir and think he is Super Mr. Alpha Dude. "You never have to tell him what to do or not to do. What's your secret?" They ask with envious bewilderment. A few think something is just different.

He is--we are--I am.

He had a relationship prior to ours with one of the Mother Hens and eventually he realized he'd never rise to the occasion if she kept him pushed down--under thumb--tied to her. This was a sweet heart from high school--their roles set when still not fully developed on any level.

Back in the old days the roles were pretty clear--almost cookie cutter. Personally, I prefer that sort of old fashioned--the man is the man of the house--type of dynamic. I know that isn't right for everyone and I'm grateful life isn't one size fits all.

As much as I love cookies--and baking--a couple's relationship style shouldn't be dictated by society or media. Then, media was mostly on black and white television and societal norms were upheld in churches, soda shops and everywhere you looked. There seemed to be but one way--and yet--human nature says variety was desired even if society preached "this is the way things are done."

Society and media have been stirred together into "full baked, half-baked and super duper deluxe" social media outlets. People have all the colors and styles in the cookie store to choose from and yet....There is still that over occurring theme in the original--old school--media outlets. The theme of the boyish (irresponsible, bumbling, goofy and inept) husband with his mothering (mouth wiping, money holding, too responsible for the room) spouse keeping him in a Peter Pan/Toys-R-Us state of being. Meanwhile, she's masturbating--dreaming--of a sexy, dominant alpha man to "man her up" in ways Peter's toy just can't. My friends do their best Elsa impersonations when they sense the men are even thinking of approaching their icy exteriors. They opt instead to enjoy the good vibrations thinking of the men who would make them feel like women. The chasm between them widens--their relationships growing more like parent/offspring as the months and years roll by.

I've almost dared one of them to try a different approach and yet she can't look at him "that way"...and so it goes.

I hope she'll read this post and consider--if you want to feel like a woman--with a man--stop treating him like a boy. He may just surprise you!

I sit here--looking at my Sir--and smile. I feel every bit the woman and I know he feels like the man he is. Sometimes he makes me feel like a protected little girl--like a loving Daddy--the difference? Neither of us complains! ~B.B.