Monday, September 8, 2014

Romantic & Hungry-Interview with Reed James-Slinger of Sizzling Smut! 

I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Reed James! Even though he writes extra, hot erotica--beneath the surface beats the heart of a true romantic! 

Find out how his work could work wonders for a relationship on multiple levels...His surprising musical inspirations and how he is marginally sense-less (in a surprising way!)




I interrupt Reed working around in something he referred to as “The Adult Dungeon” (needless to say I'm intrigued!)

B.B.: Where is this dungeon of which you speak?

Reed: If your book is too overtly adult Amazon filters you and it makes it harder for people to find your work.

B.B. Ahhhh… the Amazon adult dungeon

Reed: Yep. I'm putting my lesbian stuff on KU so I figure I'd unbury them from the dungeon.

B.B. Not my kind of dungeon for sure!

Reed: Nope.

B.B.: Speaking of dungeons, you write some BDSM. Is that a personal interest?
Which side of the lash are you on?

Reed: Dominant.

B.B.: Dominant is a good side to be on.

Reed: Or at least, I like writing about women being submissive to men (and women).

B.B.: So you like some women to be Dominant and others to be submissive?
Do you have a vision in your mind of which type each is?

Reed: Yeah…

B.B.: So what is your vision of a submissive type?

Reed: A see submission as the ultimate form of intimacy and trust. Surrendering control to their partner, trusting them to give the submissive what she desires: pain, pleasure, discipline, etc. That level of trust is very powerful. It's an intimacy that I find very attractive, a physical expression of love.

B.B.: I agree on most of those counts. So she is more a personality type than a "blond, blue-eyed" type?

Reed: Personality- anyone can be submissive. Anyone can be dominant. Looks wise I try to vary my characters

B.B.: What you said is logical and romantic.
Reed: Thank you.

B.B.: So you don't see a physical type when you think of either?

Reed: Not really.

B.B.: Speaking of romantic...

You write erotica—predominantly—not so much erotic-romance. Am I right on that observation?

Reed: Mostly erotic, but I am a romantic at heart, and some of my erotica heads in that direction.

B.B.: (that is what I was leading up to)
That's something I've noticed in your work. I've noticed in the stories I've read, they are “to the point erotica” undoubtedly...but…they have all had a romantic undercurrent that is obvious, the wedding for "the Submissive Bride" as an example.

Reed: Yeah, definitely that one.

B.B.: The husband and wife rekindling their love in My Submissive Desire (Succubus Cafe 1) is another.

B.B.:In your life, aside from writing really hot erotica, what do you find romantic? What would be your ideal romantic situation?

Reed: Someone that I could share my life with, a partner…Someone who trusts me and whom I trust fully…Helping each other…being there for each other…supporting each other.

B.B.: That is definitely an ideal situation.

Reed: …someone to cuddle with on the couch after a hard day.

B.B.: That's a great one!
So… simple, lasting romantic concepts; enduring?

Reed: Yeah. No bright flame that burns out. The coals that stay warm through an entire night.

B.B.: Very nice imagery! I love that analogy!

Reed: Thanks.

B.B.:You're welcome, it's warm and cozy for sure.

B.B.: I read you say that even though you love to write about cheating, you do not advocate infidelity. I found that interesting. I understand the not advocating infidelity, but what draws you to cheating as a fantasy?

Reed: I have a weird love/hate fascination with it. I'm not a fan of infidelity, but I find it very arousing even as it makes me uncomfortable. When I do write it, it's always physical infidelity and not emotional infidelity.  My Cheating Wives are just having fun, but still love their husbands.

B.B.: THAT is a huge distinction!

Reed: Yeah. Love and lust are not the same things.

B.B.: No, they aren't

Reed: They can easily be mixed together and confused, but they are different.

B.B.: The swinger community is all about the physical vs. emotional cheating.

Reed: Yeah. I have a swinger series, “Naughty Wives”, exploring a couple as they let each other explore their desires, so long as it’s together.

B.B.: I'll have to check into that one!

When there's no betrayal of trust, then is it still cheating, or just good “old fashioned” naughtiness?

Reed: It's not cheating, but the fear is in the husband's mind since the wife initiates it. And that fear is exploited in the second half of the series. (It being the swinging)

B.B.: That can also aide in growth and strengthening a relationship...if done properly and truly without betraying trust.

Reed: Of course, but trust is such a fragile thing, a vase on a narrow plinth that the slightest bump could knock off. Once the vase is shattered, it is so hard to put back together.

B.B.: Absolutely! It remains in the back of your mind and in the crevices of your heart.

Reed: Yeah. And their relationship was cracked in part #1 by her actions, and someone in part #5 shatters those cracks.

B.B.: Does your couple become stronger for their play and adventures?

Reed: They will. It's a happy ever after ending

B.B.:  GREAT! I like that! It’s a departure from the formula of romance but still with a HEA. (It's more real *gasp*)

Reed: Of course, I'm a romantic.

 B.B.: Your couple was closer after their day at the Cafe as I recall.

Reed: Yep. It's the same principal. They shared what was really in their hearts, what they really desired for each other. It’s the same with the couple in “Naughty Wives”.

B.B.: They became truly naked in front of the other....Something some couples never achieve out of fear of repercussions.

Reed: Yeah. The events of Part #1 both cracked the relationship and yet brought them closer together because they had shared something that neither had the courage to tell the other, opening them up to fulfilling all their fantasies. If it wasn't for the third party in Part # 5, their relationship would not have suffered.

B.B.:  How many parts will it take to fix them and give them a HEA?

Reed: Just one part.

B.B.: Must've been just the right part! (And sometimes that's all it takes.)

Reed: It was all a setup by this third party. The husband thinks the wife cheated, but she'll be able to prove she didn't.

Reed: Well, I've gotten the first three parts out of the dungeon now. I'm about to write part #6 and then publish #4, #5, and #6 back to back. The first three stand on their own, but provide the themes and background for the second three.

B.B.: Your books could be exciting and helpful, adult dungeon be damned! You could promote them as "relationship help". That's what a T.V. "doctor" would do!

Reed: Maybe. Good idea.

B.B.: I also read that music inspires you.
You know how I am with music, or are starting to--what would Reed's playlist for sex and romance sound like?

Reed: Yes. I hit publish on the Futa story Jane's song (Jane Bled) inspired.
B.B.: I loved her song (“Geisha Undercover” Jane Bled) it was very cool!

Reed: Strings and pianos, a nice violin, a viola, a cello for the bass…such passion in those instruments.

B.B.: Definitely! Which one did her song inspire?

Reed: “Flying the Futa Skies” series.

B.B.: Oh, I didn't realize that was Jane inspired.

Reed: There was a line in “Undercover Geisha” that made me want to write a mile high club erotica.

B.B.: I have to listen (and link) to it again.

Reed: Blaze's antics on stage with Calico have inspired a story.

B.B.: Really? I have to read that one for sure! I had a blast writing that scene, and enlisting all my musician friends for critiques and ideas of how to make it work.

B.B.: So, Reed's playlist?
Any songs, other than Jane's that have inspired you?

Reed: No, just Jane's song that I can think of.
I am eclectic. I listen to almost anything other than rap, most pop, and country.
I do love metal and rock.

B.B.: Any songs on your sex/love/romance playlist?

Reed: “Ocean's Apart” by Michael Giaconni

 B.B.: Hmmm...I don't know that one. I'll have to listen.

Reed: It's from the LOST soundtrack. It's a beautiful string orchestral song, full of heartache and longing.

B.B.: Interesting, you are a romantic!

Reed: Yeah, though don't tell anyone, I pretend I'm a cynic. *wink

B.B.: You do remember we're doing an interview don't you Reed? LOL

Reed: Yeah, you can leave that in.

B.B.: Thank you, it shows a different side. I like it.

B.B.:All of our senses can bring inspiration. Which sense is your favorite?

Reed: Sight, sight is a big one for sure!

B.B.: They typically say that about males, but females are visual as well.

Reed: I'm inspired mostly by things I read or watch on TV. A pretty woman can definitely inspire me.

B.B.: I can imagine, and I would think so.

What about the sense of smell? Are you inspired by that at all?

Reed: Not really. Maybe mine's underdeveloped, but smells rarely trigger memories with me.
Sounds stimulate me, but not smells.

B.B.: Really? I've never heard that. On the contrary, the science backs it being one of the biggest triggers (I'll dig up the data on it.)

Reed: So I've heard. Maybe I’m just not around any stimulating smells, just the same old ones.

B.B.: Maybe if you were blindfolded in a quiet room. LOL (sorry I just wrote a blindfold part in the end of the book)

Reed: Maybe.

B.B.: What about the sense of touch?

Reed: Yeah, Touch can remind me about things.

B.B.: It's my #4 on the sense-o-meter, but oddly it still holds a lot of power with me.
I won't even eat a food that has the wrong texture!

Reed: I agree with you there. Some foods...

B.B.: Which leads me to sense of taste…

Reed: I liked to think I have a refined (picky) palette. Very important sense.

B.B.: Hmmm maybe the old adage stands, the way to a man's heart and all of that.

Reed: Yep!

B.B.: *elbows on table* Tell me more, this is fascinating to me. Please?

Reed: Well, if you cook a good meal that means you put effort…that you cared. It's a wonderful, and delicious, expression of love.

B.B.: Are you Italian or Jewish? (jk)

Reed: My grandmother is Sicilian. I'm 1/4.

B.B.: Maybe there is something to that. (I'm really kidding)

Reed: There was always good food at her house. There might be something there.

B.B.: Food is a huge thing in our society

Reed: Are you Italian?

B.B.: No, but, I've lived around enough of them in NY

Reed: Fair enough.

B.B.: I wondered if it was a NY thing, they love to feed you all the time! I'm from the south, we eat at BBQs and it’s a big social affair, but southern mothers aren't nearly as concerned with your eating.

Reed: No. It's Italian. Every time I see my grandmother she tries to feed me. And she was born and raised in California

B.B.: Now, if someone is smoking a hog, game's on!

Reed: You're making me hungry.

B.B.: Sorry! and Ohhh your novel!!!

Reed: “My Fallen Angel”?

B.B.: Yes!

Reed: Hoping to have that out by the end of the month.  I have it all written. I just need to polish them up.

B.B.: I love what I've read so far. There are five parts right?

Reed: Yeah. There are 5 novellas, but they form one story, with cliffhangers that should make you want to find out what happens next.

B.B.: I for one love cliffhangers!

Reed: Me, too. They will have the characters in some sort of peril. Like the end of a serial TV show.
B.B.: I like that idea a lot! I'm excited to read those!

In this society we're too much with instant gratification, like if we can't read it now, eat it now or see it NOW the world will just stop spinning. I like the suspense, the something to look forward to.

Reed: Yeah. I read long, epic fantasy series where you wait years between books. I've learned patience.

B.B.: Patience is a virtue and a good name for a character!

B.B.:Well, with that, I have one last question. What is your favorite part of a woman?

Reed: Her smile. A beautiful smile is worth so much.

I couldn't agree more!


  1. Great interview! Had a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks for stopping by to chat! ;)

  3. I really enjoyed this interview's conversational tone; it offers up an in-depth look at the mind and writing process of a very talented author, two things that very much appeal to both the writer and reader in me. Great work by both participants!

  4. Thank you Anthony! I know I enjoyed picking his brain....Hmmm....Zombie Erotica?