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AUTHOR'S CHOICE SAMPLE-Not Even Death #3-Always Your Master *Sneak Peek*

Rough cover copy
This is an excerpt from yet to be released, third installment in the Not Even Death series. 
Coming soon!
Hope you enjoy the teaser! ~B.B. 
Calico felt a hand on her ankle and running up her naked thigh. The duvet cover 
was pulled back and the chill of the room air hit her warm flesh causing goose 
bumps to spread across her sleeping form.

 She tried to move but the pressure of a large hand on her head made it 

 “Be still slut…school is in—tomorrow—is here.” The Bishop’s voice broke 
into her dreamy thoughts. 

Is this really happening?

​ Her legs were roughly pulled apart—his other hand grabbed her hips—positioning her for use.

 “Your sweet little pussy is so ripe for my taking. I’ve heard the stories but it’s so much better to find out 
for myself.” 

​ His hand remained on her head, pressing it into the bed. His other hand began working in and out, 
spreading and inspecting all her folds.

 “A sincere heart…an open mind…and a wet pussy are the best foundation for learning.” His hot breath 
warmed her ear and sent shivers through her wanton exposure as his fingers continued to explore.

 “Yes…” She tried to speak.

 “Quiet slut! I don’t want to hear you now. I want you to feel me as I prepare you.”

​ After all her training Calico responded well to a Master’s touch, but she couldn’t believe she was 
genuinely turned on by the Bishop.

  Holy shit he’s gotten sexy—use me please. Your pleasure and lessons are much more important than 
my sleep.
His large hands pulled her apart, her vulnerability only added to the passion building inside. She could 
feel his eyes, touching her everywhere followed by his fingers. He stroked her lips and then her tight, 
pink puckered hole. He’d never touched her this way before, and something in his brash manner made 
her flush with heat.

 “Carissa would never have been capable of this—your reaction is very pleasing Pet.” He couldn’t 
believe how she’d grown and changed since graduation. His friend had done a remarkable job continuing her education. Any doubts he’d had about participating in her retraining melted away as he prepared to take her. 

 Using her sweet nectar he slowly pumped his thick cock to the delicious sight before him. Stroking 
between her lips he coated his head with her wetness—it glistened in the glow of the room.

 “Kiss my ring slut.” He said offering his pierced head to the prone slave.

 Calico felt a flood of excitement race through her. Oh—my—he’s fucking hot!
 She graciously accepted the invitation, kissing the large steel ring adorning the thick head. She licked 
and kissed in a sensual offering of submission and respect. She’d never experienced a Prince Albert 
before but there was something so erotic about having to kiss his sacred ring. 

 “What a good slave you’ve become…I will use you so well during our time. I want to take your 
everything in my hands—mold you to the desires of your One—and use it all for my pleasure.”

 The pressure on her head was removed and yet she didn’t try to budge—she could feel him—holding 
her—by his will alone. 

He’s molding me for my One—for Markus?  
The ring was at her entrance, covered but still an added sensation. She loved the strange new feeling as 
it entered her completely.

 He began slowly, teasing and opening her hole. She didn’t try to move as his hands held her hips to 
ensure his pleasure. The feeling of fullness increased as he grew harder within her warm, wet, fuck hole. 
The more he took, the wetter she became and then his thrusts increased.

 “Such a good, dirty little girl you are…what a lovely hole to use.” He marveled at her obedience—so 
different from the flippant little bitch he’d first met. He’d enjoyed punishing her then and now he would 
enjoy it all. 

 Calico steadied and stilled herself as best she could. She knew her job was that of a hole for his desire. 
If he wanted something other he would surely let her know, until that time she would relish being taken 
for his delight.

 “I will take everything slave—your body is but only a part. I will take your mind—your heart—and 
anything else I choose.” He plunged deeper, making sure to hit bottom as he did.

Oh, fuck that hurts!

 Calico whimpered and sucked in hard as the ring grazed her cervix—she didn’t dare speak. 

Please Your Excellency, don’t stop! Because I hate it you must continue—I need it!
 “I will take your pain—your delicious salty tears—I will remind you of the importance of transparency.” 
He continued slow and deep—knowing she’d cry for him before he was done. Thinking back to his discussion with 
Markus—early on in her training—made him smile.

 “If you want tears,” He’d advised, “take her in her sleep. In that dream like state her emotions will be 
heightened and the tears will flow freely….once they begin—do not stop!"

 Breaking a slave and caring for her afterward could be such a bonding experience. When Markus 
reported back, he was pleased and amazed at how well it worked.

 He flipped Calico over—grabbing her legs and holding her feet. He didn’t want to waste the delightful 
tears on the pillows and knew they’d come soon.

 The thrusts came faster—landing deeper as they reached the bottom. The pain was exquisite 
torment—she knew he enjoyed hurting her and it pushed her to the breaking point.

 Above the loud storm of emotions brewing in her mind she could hear slave bells jingle in the distance. 
The hand on my ankle! The combination of pain and pleasure multiplied with each soft, little chime. 

 “I can read you Pet…I will take your pleasure…but first I’ll take your tears.” His grip on her feet 
tightened as he drove his dick harder into her tight pussy—torturing her with his ring and his desires.

​ “Look at me slut, I want to watch you break into beautiful little bits as I take what I want.” 
The look on her face was spectacular—he knew she was almost there.

 The sudden invitation for eye contact was followed by her unexpected response. Under his intense 
stare—her chest became heavy—her throat clenched—and the tears began to fall free.

 As soon as her cheeks became wet he leaned forward, pressing her legs into her tits—his cock was 
somehow touching places it hadn’t before—as he propelled himself forcefully into her she felt relief. His
fingers wiped at her cheeks and then pressed into her mouth—forcing her to lick the salt of her 


Oh, yes, thank you Sir! 

The soft tongue of the Bishop caressed her cheeks, kissing the sought after tears.

 “Now slave…I will take your pleasure…and you will give me mine.” His voice didn’t sound harsh to 
her heart—his words exhilarated and pushed her over—she knew he’d catch her. 

 “Come now slave—with me—do not deny me.” 

​ The budding orgasm blossomed steadily—watered by the release of the tears. The Bishop, with his 
stern and seductive gaze did not back off as she surrendered it all to him. The petals grew and spread 
throughout—reaching every part of her. The ring—his steel thorn—continued to inflict the intentional 
nourishment of her tears as he reached eruption.

 Her body began to tremble beneath him as the last petal opened fully—the throbbing came in strong, 
successive bursts—milking every bit of pleasure she could from his pulsing cock. Her come soaked his 
balls as her tears soaked her cheeks—he’d taken everything he desired. 

 He kissed her tear stained cheeks and whispered, “What a gratifying slave you are Pet.” His salty 
lips skimmed her mouth in a delicate kiss.

​ “Now, be a good girl and clean me. School has just begun.”

 Calico rose quickly to attend her duties.

 “Crawl for me slut.” The Bishop said, relaxing on the bed waiting to be tended to.

 She dropped to her knees and crawled toward the bathroom. She felt him staring after her and 
turned to see him reclining.

​ That’s so strange, I feel like someone is watching me.        

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