Sunday, June 22, 2014

What to Wear? What to Wear?

I'm am in the process of writing the next installment of the Not Even Death series; STILL Your Master. If you've read the first book you know Calico has an exciting Master (suitor) on the horizon-- rock star extraordinaire, Blaze St. Sebastian of the theatrical heavy metal band HOT KINK.

As the story begins Calico receives a package from Markus & Blaze with the outfit they've chosen for her to wear to the HOT KINK concert, her first date with Blaze.

I thought it might be fun to get ideas from the readers on which outfit I should write into the story (sort of interactive.) I've chosen a few options from one of my favorite stores in Hollywood, Trashy Lingerie.

I'm excited to hear which outfits you want Calico to wear. Some of my choices leave little to the imagination (but are so appropriate for a BDSM play party or a rock concert!) Others (like the one in the top inset) allow for some flirty modesty.

She will be wearing black boots with whichever outfit is chosen (they figure into the storyline.)


#1-The first outfit I saw was a made to order Trashy original with cute little skulls. It has lace and comes in a variety of colors. Unfortunately, since it is made to order, I can't post a pic to go with it, but click the link and visit the Trashy Store page to see it. Although all of the options are fun, I'm partial to the turquoise/black lace version. I can picture it with turquoise, lace, boy shorts underneath.
#2- I loved this collection, Stepford (need I say more?) The skirt is more like an apron and would need some lacy boy shorts underneath. (If this one is chosen, her boots would have to be changed to white.) I love the Pin-Up style of this outfit.

#3- This is another that I couldn't get a pic for. It has the most coverage, but in the sexiest of ways. The costume does have a mask with it (which I won't have her wearing.) The dress is just MEOW!

#4-This one is just a given--a must throw into the mix! It comes in a plethora of pretty plaid patterns. So hard to choose just one! Can you guess what it is? (see how you did) I really dig the pinks/blues but the red is classic! What do you think? This is the one I started with, but that's only because I found a picture for it first (it in no way reflects the way I'm envisioning her---any of these would work well!) Note: I will not be writing in the hat with this outfit.

Once it's narrowed down I'll add the appropriate accessories. (Remember, no matter what, Calico will be wearing her Eternity Collar set.)

Happy shopping!



  1. Vote for the #3 the cat dress. Sexy! (Thank you for your input!)

  2. Plaid plaid plaid, all the way!! Totally apropos for a rock concert!

  3. This thing doesn't have yahoo :( I like them all (but holy crap there expensive!!!) I say the skull one it's like sugar skulls sorta and the booty shorts are kewl too

  4. They're all sooooo super cute! I loooove the school girl one....and the kitty one is really great and girly. I'm like a Stepford girl so I like that one too!

    I guess I'm not much help huh?

    Collared c

  5. You absolutely have to use the bat-channel outfit somewhere in the story - fits right in with the alley cat/kitten references. But, maybe not appropriate for a rock concert.

    The black & red is kind of gothy; skulls outfit seems more punk. I like all the outfits but none seem quite right for a rock concert.

    What kind of music doss "hot kink" play? Like, if they were going to share a stage with a real band, who would be the best fit on a double bill?

  6. The cat/bat (minus the mask) is the outfit I've written for the concert. It gives her just enough coverage and is still sexy. (All will be explained in the set up prior to the show.)

    I was a huge fan of 80s heavy metal/glam/hairspray rock and HOT KINK is in line with that. Motley, Alice, WASP, KISS, Cinderella,Poison, Skid Row any of them would make a good co-billing with HOT KINK.

    I think I wore outfits similar to all of the above when going to early concerts in L.A. It was the 80s! California girls were as dressed/undressed as the bands we saw. Not sure if you're old enough to remember the Cinderella videos with the outlandish outfits those girls wore (?)

    It was all about spectacle and the outfits we wore (my friends and I) were just as extravagant. Whatever it took to get noticed and stand out in the crowd. If the band put forth so much effort, then why shouldn't we? (our thinking.)

    Thanks for your answer! And all of these will find their way into the series in one place or another.


  7. @ Anon- with the plaid. I loved the plaid too! I've found a very special place to add that particular outfit, in book #3- ALWAYS Your Master

    Thanks for responding!


  8. @Anon-about the skulls

    Yes, the skulls are expensive, but thankfully Markus and Blaze don't have to worry about money ;)

    The skulls will make an appearance, just not for the first date at the concert. But, how could I deny them? Skulls are very rock-n-roll!

    Thank you for the response ;)


  9. @Collared

    LOL thanks for your answer, and I couldn't decide either, so they will all have a place.