Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mmmmm Subspace

I noticed while reading reviews that I should continue with a series of posts I’d begun some time ago. I began with my thoughts on the use of safe-words and my choice of vocabulary—submissive vs. slave etc. 

The intention was to write about consent, and consensual non-consent. Then, life and writing the series Not Even Death sort of got in the way of my best laid plans (okay, maybe the path wasn’t paved completely!) Since reading the reviews I’m doubling back to my course and thought it could be beneficial to address some things.

My work—most likely all of it—will involve a Master/slave relationship dynamic. There may be apprehension in some of the characters at different points. They may begin submissive and ultimately freely choose to become slaves (and dominants, at the end of the day, will become Masters)—all  under the leathery warmth of the M/s umbrella.

* Note: The strength to opt to submit to someone completely is not for the weak. The women I write are strong to start but find a quiet, gentle strength in submission. They also find peace and freedom by letting go. Dominants don't always embrace their role either, and trusting their submissive is paramount!

With that all said, my stories are NOT “Fifty-Shades of Grey.” No one will be saved from the BDSM life. The men will all have their balls firmly attached by the end—and not in the woman’s jewelry box. 

They are written to show the reality of what an actual (I won’t say 'twue.' Lifestylers will understand this) Master/slave relationship can look like. 

To some, it will be beautiful. To others, it may seem uncomfortable and yet…intriguing. Others may find they like their bread buttered differently—and that’s perfectly fine.

I’ve mentioned before, I paint when I write—choosing the colors that make up the scenes in my mind. I’ve also recently been told that my writing is lyrical—like a song without music (I enjoyed this one of course!) Music inspires me and when I paint/write I try to pick familiar hues to describe unfamiliar things. One of those things is my description of subspace in NotEven Death #2-Still Your Master.

  •  …like a distant dream. The endorphins bouncing from synapse to synapse diffused her senses—everything was a singular euphoria. She imagined light around her—illuminating—rising in a ball around the cage.

  •   Her mind was in a twinkling sea of warm luminosity—thoughts came in quick glints and gleams. Oh how I missed this place…I’m finally home again.

  •   She hovered above the scene—flying—in space.

  •  Her voice sounded slow—like begging through marshmallow. 
           "Come baby.” His voice managed to slice through the thick fluff and then she was gone again.

  •  With each pulsation the endorphins spread rapidly, like a warm anesthesia overcoming her with peace.

  •   In a blissful sphere, floating safely—she welcomed it all.
These are some of my descriptions for subspace. Whether it be a runner’s high—a really drunken night—being put under anesthesia or the heavenly intensity of a great orgasm, most of us have experienced something comparable and can relate to at least one of the descriptors (or would want to.)

When it’s something shared with a trusted partner it becomes all the more beautiful.
Reaching subspace takes skill on the part of the dominant partner. It would be foolish to ride on the back of someone’s motorcycle if they’d never ridden before and the same goes with subspace. If you’re starting new with your partner and are novices it may take time to reach space and to learn how to play safely (but there are many local communities with work-shops for this purpose.)

Subspace can also have its drawbacks and aftercare is important. Proper hydration, replenishing carbs and some TLC are part of this. Some (not all) may experience "sub-drop" or "dom-drop" in the days that follow such a high/expenditure of energy (I may touch on all three topics in depth at some point later.)

Another lingering effect—my personal favorite—is what I’ve always termed “slave space.” This, to me, is much better than the high. This is one point where I prefer the hang-over effect to the high itself.
Slave-space to me is a centering experience. Resistance falls away—light bulb moments about your service may abound—it’s like walking on fluffy clouds, the warm coziness of Christmas in your heart and mind (without the big bills!) This mind/heart set is what enables my characters to feel the freedom to obey and experience life to the fullest.

In conclusion:
My goal when I write  is to show the transformation of the heroine—through love and submission to the hero, but also to her own true nature.

To give a glimpse of things unfamiliar in a way that’s understandable for newbies.

And for those in the lifestyle to have “Ooooo I remember that!” moments.

More on the topic of consent later (you can see it in this linked blog post to some extent.) I do make it crystal clear that my characters are open to each and every thing they engage in—they want it, crave it and would rather crawl into the nearest cave without it!


Vocabulary list to follow. I'm also working on some stuff for book club discussions and will add them when the series is complete.


  1. Great post! I can't want to join you on this journey of master/sex salve dynamic! So fascinating and hot!

  2. Thank you Reed! You've shared in Calico's journey, which is coming to its twist in the road before landing in a happily ever after! And, not just sex slave--that's a part but just the dessert! ;)

    A slave is a slave 24/7; a submissive tends more toward the sex only aspect.