Sunday, June 29, 2014

Calico's Songs

NOTE: For those on there are videos in this post. They are also in my video area on my profile. They will not show up in this blog post.

Markus brought her to life out of the alleys of NYC and then, Not Even Death stopped him from bringing her back to her life! (Now THAT is LOVE!)

As the story unfolds she realizes LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! The character of Blaze St. Sebastian will be loosely based on Nikki Sixx & Blackie Lawless....Tall, dark, intelligent, mysterious and tatted like a mutha! (How's that description?)

Only a man named after two saints could make sinning right!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Safe-Words and Some Other Alphabet Soup

After reading some posts on an author message board I thought it might be a good idea to expound on my thoughts regarding safe-words and consent within my work. I'll begin with the often discussed, convoluted, misinterpreted and overused concept of the safe-word.

The BDSM Lifestyle is not a one-size-fits all lifestyle. Terms and protocols within the lifestyle vary from couple to couple (or person to person for those in the seeking stage) and what a term means to one person may mean something entirely different to someone else.

Sort of like the words "love" or “romance”—What I mean when I say these words could be on the opposite end of the spectrum from what you, he or they mean.


I'll begin with safe-words—super pet peeve of mine—since there seems to be the occasional (too often) misunderstanding when it comes to their use. My favorite misconstrued concept is: Because of safe-words the submissive/slave is really the one  in control.

As a submissive or slave do you want to really be the one in control? Do you want to just manipulate things and make the dominant your puppet? Then maybe you're kinky, but you aren't submissive. It's fine to be kinky, there's no shame in it—but call it what it is. Be honest with yourself so you can be honest with the one (s) you are involved with.

The purpose safe-words serve is as an alternate form of communication. The most common words used are Red-Yellow-Green (their meaning is obvious) and are not words that would come up in scene unless to serve their purpose. I've read of some who have very specific words (like a maiden name for instance.) 

But what are they? What aren't they?

~What Safe-Words Are~
They are a signal to the dominant that the play is maybe nearing a point that is close to the non-dominant partner's threshold for pain or suddenly past that threshold (this could be psychological/physical/sexual/emotional.) This is where the dominant is supposed to STOP and ASSESS the situation. 

In the case of a submissive (in my definition one who consents per activity) the submissive could decide if they wanted, were able, to continue with the activity at hand and their partner should comply with these wishes.

If this is a situation with a slave (in my definition, one who consents one time only and is owned, property or similar) the Master would/should stop to assess things,just as the dominant should. The difference comes with the decision of continuing or not. The Master, has the right (within the context of their dynamic) to continue if there is NO HARM being done. If the slave is merely uncomfortable or in pain, the Master can opt to continue—no harm, no foul. If the Master enjoys inflicting intense pain and relishes the sight of his slave in tears, and KNOWS that she/he is not being harmed, he may continue if it pleases him.

Safe-words can be useful at times, but what about when the endorphin rush, or sub-space is so deep the submissive/slave cannot communicate verbally? This can and does happen.

In these situations a safe-word/sign (non-verbal cue) can be useless. This is where trust and knowledge of the slave/submissive's capability is paramount. If the slave is transparent (100% open to the Master) the Master will be able to judge the situation. If the slave had a hard day, is ill, has emotional triggers etc. and communicates these things, he/she is giving the Master what he needs to TRUST the slave and in turn, the slave can trust the Master to do what is most beneficial. 

In this way, the control remains in the dominant partner's hands. If things cease, it is the Master's choice and not because the slave told him to stop. Over time, this will build more trust (and if done wrong, can destroy trust!) It's important to consider who one chooses to submit to, and to be assured that trust is warranted to begin with. 

Safe-words are a necessity if you are Topping/bottoming (more casual play) since you may not know your partner as well. In these situations (I'm speaking of play parties/clubs) references about someone's history and standing within the community can go a long way.

In the smallest sense, they can be something in a scenario when the non-dominant partner is struggling and wants to beg, "Stop-Don't" the dominant will know that it's part of the play and won't stop on a dime. 

~What Are Safe-words NOT?~
Safe-words are NOT a way for the submissive/slave type to manipulate the dominant. Choose to control or choose to submit-be honest!

Safe-words are NOT to stop something simply because it isn't enjoyable to the submissive/slave 
*Unless this is something discussed between the submissive/Dominant while entering into the arrangement (usually bedroom submission only.)

Safe-words are NOT a replacement for actually communicating. Sometimes saying, "Master, I can't take it." can work just as well.

Safe-words are NOT shameful to use, but should be used sparingly (don't become the Slave/Sub-Who-Cried-Wolf.) Use them when necessary (to communicate actual distress.)The dominant/Master should trust your communication is sincere and valid.

Safe-words are NOT used by everyone or NECESSARY. 
*People seem to know about SSC (Safe-Sane-Consensual) but there is also RACK (Risk-Aware-Consensual-Kink). There are couples who have such a tight relationship that the protocol of using some random word is just not needed.

I will mostly be writing about Masters/slaves, although there are some of the submissive/Dominant type that will appear (See references to Derrick and Lucy in my first novella.) Most of my relationships will not use safe-words (or will ultimately reach the state where they're unneeded.)

If one of my characters is a slave, consent for everything will be automatic after the initial
consent is given.There will be the option to disobey, followed by the Master's option to release the slave from the relationship for disobedience.

But, I'll save CONSENT for another post.

Quick note: Not all submissives are slaves; not all slaves are even submissive (but most times.) Dominants are not necessarily Masters but most Masters are dominant. (An interesting aside--not all Master/Dominants are sadists, some are even masochists AND submissive is not synonomous with masochist.)


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blog Hoppin'....Like A Virgin (Well sort of like that)

Although I'm not part of the actual hop, I am sorta stalkin' it just to see how it all goes. So far I've hopped by one blog to read and found three really excellent interviews. Each was very different and that caught my attention (kind of like shiny things!) The blog I stopped by belonged to Anais Morgan  . I loved her tagline/headline and had to continue to read.

Her interview with Emily Veinglory was very nice and made me laugh. Oh, and there is a cover for her latest book with a really sweet looking hottie on it. (I'm still wondering what his eyes would look like if he let go of his locks and slowly tilted his face forward, just a little. I'll wait.)

As I skipped (I mean hopped) along the trail of characters I stepped into the middle of a super hot threesome. This one is very nicely done and in depth. It includes a candid interview with the characters of Maryn Blackburn's "Brick by Brick" I really enjoyed the interview and want to know more (there is a sample there as well!)

My next stop down the bunny hole....I mean blog hop...'caught me hopping into a strikingly unlikely character for a crush. First, he is half-demon—and this is the crazy part—he is ALL BLOND! So right there he is not necessarily my personal type. Oh, and did I mention, he's anime? Okay, so not my guy? But, he has tats and a barbed tail (that does sort of cancel some of the other things out doesn't it?) Go check out Striker (Illustrated by Dani Smith) and tell me if you don't start crushin' on him too! (I dare ya'!)

I've only hopped around a little, but so far I think I can dig this (if I get tired I'll take a rest and see what other unlikely hotness hops past me!)


Below is the schedule if you want to hop along too! (Who am I kidding? These are the breadcrumbs so I don't get lost in the woods along the way!)

Check out Scarlet Day's's smokin' hot!

Week One:
June 23 Azalea Moone  interviewing Anais Morgan. (Check out my thoughts-below- on this one...or go read it yourself and see if we agree!)
June 24 Anais Morgan interviewing Emily Veinglory
June 25 Emily Veinglory interviewing Scarlet Day
June 26 Scarlet Day interviewing Zoe X. Rider
June 27 Zoe X. Rider interviewing Gail Bridges
June 28 Gail Bridges interviewing Crane Hana
June 29 Crane Hana interviewing Kate Lowell
Week 2
June 30 Kate Lowell interviewing Karenna Colcroft
July 01 Karenna Colcroft interviewing Kimber Vale
July 02 Kimber Vale interviewing Ravon Silvius
July 03 Ravon Silvius interviewing Tara Quan
July 04 Tara Quan interviewing Ana J. Phoenix
July 05 Ana J. Phoenix interviewing Evelyn Aster
July 06 Evelyn Aster interviewing Dee Tass
July 07 Dee Tass interviewing Azalea Moone

Okay, so I was hopping along and took a turn at the big oak tree and followed the moon directly to the big azalea bush over by the lake (you know where I'm going right?)....That's where I found Azalea Moone's blog and interview with Anais Morgan. I realized after reading the interview that I have to read Assist Me by Anais Morgan (if for no other reason than to read her current work in progress...*sigh* Solomon just sounds delectable! )First, VAMPIRE and if that's not enough there is some kind of BDSM (The phrase "blood slave" caught my attention)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

What to Wear? What to Wear?

I'm am in the process of writing the next installment of the Not Even Death series; STILL Your Master. If you've read the first book you know Calico has an exciting Master (suitor) on the horizon-- rock star extraordinaire, Blaze St. Sebastian of the theatrical heavy metal band HOT KINK.

As the story begins Calico receives a package from Markus & Blaze with the outfit they've chosen for her to wear to the HOT KINK concert, her first date with Blaze.

I thought it might be fun to get ideas from the readers on which outfit I should write into the story (sort of interactive.) I've chosen a few options from one of my favorite stores in Hollywood, Trashy Lingerie.

I'm excited to hear which outfits you want Calico to wear. Some of my choices leave little to the imagination (but are so appropriate for a BDSM play party or a rock concert!) Others (like the one in the top inset) allow for some flirty modesty.

She will be wearing black boots with whichever outfit is chosen (they figure into the storyline.)


#1-The first outfit I saw was a made to order Trashy original with cute little skulls. It has lace and comes in a variety of colors. Unfortunately, since it is made to order, I can't post a pic to go with it, but click the link and visit the Trashy Store page to see it. Although all of the options are fun, I'm partial to the turquoise/black lace version. I can picture it with turquoise, lace, boy shorts underneath.
#2- I loved this collection, Stepford (need I say more?) The skirt is more like an apron and would need some lacy boy shorts underneath. (If this one is chosen, her boots would have to be changed to white.) I love the Pin-Up style of this outfit.

#3- This is another that I couldn't get a pic for. It has the most coverage, but in the sexiest of ways. The costume does have a mask with it (which I won't have her wearing.) The dress is just MEOW!

#4-This one is just a given--a must throw into the mix! It comes in a plethora of pretty plaid patterns. So hard to choose just one! Can you guess what it is? (see how you did) I really dig the pinks/blues but the red is classic! What do you think? This is the one I started with, but that's only because I found a picture for it first (it in no way reflects the way I'm envisioning her---any of these would work well!) Note: I will not be writing in the hat with this outfit.

Once it's narrowed down I'll add the appropriate accessories. (Remember, no matter what, Calico will be wearing her Eternity Collar set.)

Happy shopping!


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Back Cover Design for Print

Working on the back cover for the print edition. That's the part I am excited about. I'm a little old fashioned that way, something about the feel and smell of an actual book makes it real!

Once I know the page count I'll make the spine. Then it will be ready to be printed for approval

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Totally Rockin' Retailer

Now available at I-tunes/Apple Store


Hanging out at Amazon

I ended my Friday the 13th by uploading to Amazon and it is now available for Kindle there!

I am in the process of preparing the book for print and will be working on the audio book as well (I have mentioned, I am inspired by what I hear haven't I?) And then of course, my whole process (all of this is available in my interview at my profile.)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Rockin' Retailers

Okay, so I'm up and running (I'd be so lying if I didn't say I am as excited as a teenager going to my first concert!) My book is now available at

Barnes and Noble

As well as Scribd

I'll try to keep current on where my work will be available....


Calico and Markus' soundtrack begins...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Collars*Cuffs*Whips and Stuffs

Eternity Collars

I thought it would be a cool idea to add some of the lifestyle and toy information for things I mention in my books. What's the point of reading something that sounds really cool and not knowing anything about it, or where to find it?

I hope to make this a regular feature of this blog and to post reviews if I get my hands on some of the products. It would add to the fun of writing if I could take a test drive of some of the things available.

I will post which book and what page in the book it can be found (or at least the chapter for the e-books)

Since the first novella is ETERNALLY and an Eternity Collar Set is mentioned in the book (Chapter 4, Page 29 on the Online version) I thought they'd be perfect to begin this series of posts.

From all I've read, the original Eternity Collars (collars, cuffs and anklets that lock on and can only be removed by an Allen-wrench) are really well made and pretty comfortable to wear. I've even heard of people having them soldered on permanently.

A collar on a slave or submissive can be just about anything that symbolizes the relationship dynamic of the couple involved. So, no, a collar doesn't necessarily have to be a "collar" like an animal would wear. A tattoo could even be a type of permanent collar (if that is the intent of the dominant partner.) 

Collars can be used for real world wear, such as a necklace that no one would suspect. Eternity Collars have been worn in this way. One high end jeweler produces something very similar. 

There can be dress collars, casual collars as well as temporary-just for the night-construction paper collars (just checking to see if you're paying attention.) There are even what I've heard referred to as cyber collars (I can't help wondering how those might fasten.) 

A collar can be a necklace, bracelet, anklet or ring (consider the meaning of a wedding ring.) A slave or submissive may have one or many. They could wear them all the time (except for surgical or other "absolutely-must take it off" times and they might wear them only for play parties.

Collars are given by the dominant party (typically) and may signify many things. Some are given lightly while others are given after a long period of proving desire, willingness and obedience. They can have great depth of meaning or be as disposable as a condom.

Just like everything in the Lifestyle; collars, their meaning and kinds are as varied as the couples (or poly-families) that participate in it. There is no one, true way!

Hope you will enjoy these as much as I know I will!

Chapter 4 (Page 29 on the Online version)


Eternity Collars

Not Even Death-Eternally Your Master E-book Released

 I'm excited to announce the release of my first e-book, Not Even Death-ETERNALLY Your Master.

This will be the first in the series of four and after completing this I'm eager to get to the next hero--Blaze! He's sure to be a rockin' hot time!

As I begin on the next in the series I am also formatting for the print release--So follow to be kept up to date.

I will also be toiling away to complete editing on the novel (Now THAT is an undertaking!) I am anxious to get back in bed and into the dungeon with them (I've missed them dearly while working on N.E.D #1.) Their story is currently in my phone and going through my process with me (What's that? See my interview at Smashwords to find out!)

During all of this my fur kids have been patiently (and impatiently) waiting for me to come back to them. I should probably get to that (unless I want to find a hairball on my toothbrush.)

Smashwords-Read Sample/Buy Book

Friday, June 6, 2014

Editing and Still More Editing

So the idea seemed sound when I first thought of it, take a step away from the big manuscript to let the spices sink in and give myself distance. I thought, sure, I'll write something short and sassy and then return. Well, the best laid plans and all of that....

A few months later and Lil' Miss Short & Sassy has become the novella I plan to release next week ("Not Even Death-ETERNALLY Your Master"....finally!) It has become much more than the original idea had intended. Like all children, it grew and continues to grow, becoming what it wants to be. The good thing is, it's almost completely edited. By my eyes and the eyes of my super-honest-I-know-it-might sting when I say this-but it's TRUTH-best friend. All I have yet to do is complete the full size cover art and quickly learn how to jump into all the e-pub platforms. Sounds like cake doesn't it? (Mmmm cake!)

Of course, this brings me back to the original manuscript that still has about 25 chapters waiting impatiently to be edited. (Oh, the tedium!)

Now, just to paint the picture, the "other child" is a novel that began over two years ago.

Over the course of two years you can become very close to your characters and situations. Ya' hang out a lot, share emotions and holidays. You see each other at your absolute worst (and best.) You're so close you don't even notice when the other has developed a serious muffin top. So there we were, just doing our thing and lo' and behold, "Mom's favorite" had expanded to 94, 900 words. It was time for a diet!

Thus began the arduous task of narrowing down my "favorite kid." Okay, so yeah, I admit, I have a favorite (shhh just don't let Short & Sassy know.) At some point my heart was no longer in it, I wanted to continue to allow the cream laden desserts and mid-night snacks. I was too close and had to step away!

Little by little I took parts away, hoping Favorite wouldn't notice...I think it's been working. After the time apart I've been able to see things differently, and Fave wears the trim nicely. Sadly, there's still more to go. There's some "back-THAT" (extraneous deposits of the word that, that seem to somehow find themselves hanging off the love handles) that can be whittled away to start. I've also noticed, after our separation, other areas in need of a work out.

So, although it's beyond tempting to continue hanging out with Short & Sassy (because, the next hunk is a sexy rock-star that I'm already drooling over) I hear the Favorite calling my name.

Ya' know, after the time apart, I remember why it was my favorite to begin with. There is so much substance...and the journey is such a wonderful roller coaster ride and of course...the sex....yeah.....

So I'm going back to hang out with the Favorite for awhile....but I'm sure I'll make time for special one-on-one time with S&S (the one who really surprised me.)


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Novella...My First Foray into Self-Publishing

I hope to have the first of four novellas complete and live on places like Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and others before the week is through. The image is what I believe will be the final cover design.

Calico Cruz's world was torn apart when the Master she loved lost his long, painful battle with a fatal illness. All she'd been and done over the previous 10 years had been because of Markus Cruz, now, she'd have to face life at the estate alone. Or would she? 

The knock on the door surprised her, but not as much as what the knock would set into motion. After allowing her a month to grieve, Markus was reaching out and pulling her from the darkness--pushing her back into the light of life. Not even death would keep him from controlling and assuring her future path of love and submission.

Derrick Destry was Markus' best friend in life and first on the list of allies for his plan. After months of preparing, Derrick would help set the ball in motion. Together they would ensure Calico another happily ever after. 

Derrick would be the wrecking-ball preparing the path for her future. To find find love again, Calico would need to be broken back to baseline and Derrick was trustworthy and strong enough to get the job done. 

With Derrick's help Markus will remind her of the sweet, satisfaction of surrender and that he will be her Master, ETERNALLY!

So after stepping back for a few days I know there are parts of this that will make the cut, and others that will need re-working. 

It's almost time to get this show on the road!
BBs Easter Egg

Music for Inspiration (playlist)

Nothing inspires me to write quite the way music does. It plays at the heart...the mind and unlocks memories from across your life. What better way to begin this new journey than with some of the songs that inspire me most. It's nice to have them near by for that extra little nudge we could all use. What inspires me may not pluck at your heart strings, but it will definitely be an interesting mix. ~B.B.
I love hard rock, heavy metal, glam*hair*glitter*cock rock (and rock done by glitter haired roosters while making the duck face.)

My southern roots are yanked by all kinds of southern fried rock and occasionally some country.

I grew up in the 70s and am a total sap when it comes to 70s Gold love songs.

Oh yeah, and there is always the play that funky, jump back and kiss myself, funk, disco and soul that just cannot be denied.