Sunday, June 1, 2014

Music for Inspiration (playlist)

Nothing inspires me to write quite the way music does. It plays at the heart...the mind and unlocks memories from across your life. What better way to begin this new journey than with some of the songs that inspire me most. It's nice to have them near by for that extra little nudge we could all use. What inspires me may not pluck at your heart strings, but it will definitely be an interesting mix. ~B.B.
I love hard rock, heavy metal, glam*hair*glitter*cock rock (and rock done by glitter haired roosters while making the duck face.)

My southern roots are yanked by all kinds of southern fried rock and occasionally some country.

I grew up in the 70s and am a total sap when it comes to 70s Gold love songs.

Oh yeah, and there is always the play that funky, jump back and kiss myself, funk, disco and soul that just cannot be denied.

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