Saturday, February 28, 2015

Golden Doll

I'm ecstatic to announce the completion of  
Angel to Butterfly #1-Golden Doll.

The second group of beta readers (a reviewer and few authors) will be reading and giving their input, then, it'll be off to the publishers for consideration.

I've polled what I consider an interesting mix of people to give their opinions/critiques. Some have been in the lifestyle others are vanilla. Most are avid readers and one doesn't read at all (her contribution was valuable since she's vanilla, married forever and doesn't typically read.) I've used a nice cross section of ages spanning decades--from a thirty-something, homemaker who devours books to a seventy-something retiree who is a voracious reader (one is lifestyle aware, the other is not-I'll let you imagine which.)

The reviews have been predominantly stellar. Some things changed to keep the flow and stay with the pacing (thank you oh devourer of literature.)

One said, "I feel as if I'm watching the whole thing--standing in the room with them. It makes you want to be Liberty so you can have (a man like) Calix."

Another said, "Its very suspenseful....OMG Calix is almost magical--I might be in love."

I'm ready to send her out, let her fly from the nest and take on the life I dreamed for her.


Liberty Lafayette was used to transformation. She’d been remodeling herself for years and felt she
finally had the ideal disguise, the perfect armor to stay safe.

That all changed when she encountered him.

Calix Xavier is a man used to getting and having his way. He’d been the protective Daddy type as long as he could remember. As a lifestyle Master/Daddy Dominant he could have his pick of
any submissive he chose kneeling at his feet.

He was compelled to choose her.

She was the toughest nut of the bunch—with the sweetest spirit. He could see all she hid. But she’d have to choose to show him, submit to him of her own free will.

How long could she run, carrying the armor encased wings on her heart?  How long could she hide the broken pieces and twisted halo?

How much pain could they both endure before she surrendered to—becoming—something completely new?

Experience the journey of Liberty as she learns the depths of
submission and what it can truly mean to be a slave.

She’d been driven to her knees by life...could she be inspired to them by love?

More to come "Golden Doll" until then, check out the interview I did with Liberty on 4th of July.

Wet Whips & Kisses, B.B.

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