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Eternity Collars

I thought it would be a cool idea to add some of the lifestyle and toy information for things I mention in my books. What's the point of reading something that sounds really cool and not knowing anything about it, or where to find it.

I hope to make this a regular feature of this blog and to post reviews if I get my hands on some of the products. It would add to the fun of writing if I could take a test drive of some of the things available.

I will post which book and what page in the book it can be found (or at least the chapter for the e-books)

Since the first novella is ETERNALLY and an Eternity Collar Set is mentioned in the book (Chapter 4, Page 29 on the Online version) I thought they'd be perfect to begin this series of posts.

From all I've read, the original Eternity Collars (collars, cuffs and anklets that lock on and can only be removed by an Allen-wrench) are really well made and pretty comfortable to wear. I've even heard of people having them soldered on permanently.

A collar on a slave or submissive can be just about anything that symbolizes the relationship dynamic of the couple involved. So, no, a collar doesn't necessarily have to be a "collar" like an animal would wear. A tattoo could even be a type of permanent collar (if that is the intent of the dominant partner.) 

Collars can be used for real world wear, such as a necklace that no one would suspect. Eternity Collars have been worn in this way. One high end jeweler produces something very similar. 

There can be dress collars, casual collars as well as temporary-just for the night-construction paper collars (just checking to see if you're paying attention.) There are even what I've heard referred to as cyber collars (I can't help wondering how those might fasten.) 

A collar can be a necklace, bracelet, anklet or ring (consider the meaning of a wedding ring.) A slave or submissive may have one or many. They could wear them all the time (except for surgical or other "absolutely-must take it off" times and they might wear them only for play parties.

Collars are given by the dominant party (typically) and may signify many things. Some are given lightly while others are given after a long period of proving desire, willingness and obedience. They can have great depth of meaning or be as disposable as a condom.

Just like everything in the Lifestyle; collars, their meaning and kinds are as varied as the couples (or poly-families) that participate in it. There is no one, true way!

Hope you will enjoy these as much as I know I will!

Chapter 4 (Page 29 on the Online version)

Eternity Collars

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