Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day! Teaser-Interview with Liberty from "Golden Doll"

In honor of Independence Day I thought it would be apropos to do an interview with the main character of my upcoming novel—Liberty Lee Lafayette—from “Golden Doll”

In between relaxing and preparing for the BBQ I’ve gotten a chance to sit down and have some girl talk with the interesting Miss Liberty.

Liberty: Hey, B.B. you know I’m called something else now, the name Calix gave me.

B.B.: I know, but we have to be careful not to give spoilers. The novel won’t be released until the fall of 2014 at the earliest.

Liberty: Oh, that’s right. Why is that? You’ve been writing our story for a long time. What’s it been? Two years or so now?

B.B.: Or so…(laughing)

Liberty: Soo, why did Calico’s story get released first? You haven’t even known her as long.

B.B.: Hey, who’s doing the interview here?

Liberty: I thought we were just talking.

B.B.: We are, but let me lead this please. Unless, you want me to talk to Calix? (laughing)

Liberty: (looking uncomfortable) Okay, but can you at least tell me why? Then I’ll let you lead the way, I'm sorry, old habits and all of that...

B.B.: Sure, but then, zip it! (Laughing—glaring lightly at Liberty)

I was so wrapped up in your story. I was writing, reading and thinking about you two all the time. I listened to your songs constantly. My whole world was your story—it’s such a deep one! When I actually finished the writing, I’d gotten to 95,000 words and realized I had a ton of editing to do.
Liberty:Wow, really? How many chapters is that?

(Liberty’s hand just flew up to her mouth)

Liberty: Oops! Sorry, I’ll be quiet.

B.B.: It is about fifty chapters, plus the prologue and epilogue. It’s the beginning of your story. It will be a series of three. I want to do it justice so I’m carefully editing everything. 

That’s when I decided to do Calico’s story. It was what I needed to give me space, and let me say, when I go back and listen after the time away—I’m blown away by the way it’s coming out. I think Calix will approve and I know you’ll love it.

(Liberty smiles sweetly, and motions locking her lips.)

B.B.: So, anyway, that’s the why of it. I hope to have it available by the fall of this year but I’m also torn about possibly shopping it to a larger publisher instead of self-pubbing it.
(Liberty jumps up and down in her chair.)

B.B.: I’ve played around with the title, and cover so many times. I think you’ll like the picture I used of you on the first one. You look amazing, glowing—angelic. Do you understand why I decided to call it “Golden Doll”?

Liberty:Not exactly. I know you’ve mentioned different possibilities to me.

B.B.: Yours is a story of great and complete transformation—in the truest sense. You were such a different girl before Calix. 

Liberty: Yes, I really was. I don’t know if I’d recognize the old me if I met her in a dark club.

B.B.: Exactly! So, I’d considered using Chrysalis—I just loved that one! But, I wanted to be a bit more ambiguous.

Liberty: You are good at that.

B.B.: Thank you! 

I try to build a story as it reveals itself to me. As “Golden Doll” begins, you are your old “tough cookie” self. Your defenses are all up; you know that. But, you’ll see my interpretation of the events, and how I saw it in my mind. This lead to my choice in titles and covers.

Liberty: Why “Golden Doll” ? I'm sure I didn't mention anything about dolls or gold.

B.B.: “Golden Doll” has to do with the meaning of the word pupa (which wouldn't make such a stunning cover or thought provoking title.) Do you think?

Liberty: No, I like “Golden Doll” better.

B.B.: As did I.  Pupa, is Latin for doll/girl and Chrysalis has Greek origins and means golden pupa of a butterfly. Now do you see the connection?

Liberty: Yes, that makes perfect sense! I did transform with a lot of love and patience from Daddy, I mean Calix. I hope that doesn't mess up your interview girl.

B.B.: No, you're fine. I actually think it's a good idea to at least mention the Daddy part, since that sort of thing can confuse some, and squick others. There isn't a massive age difference between you is there? How old were you when he found you?

Liberty: B.B. you know the answer! But, I was 29, and it has nothing to do with our ages at all. It has to do with...I don't know exactly how to put it, since I don't know how you've interpreted it. I know how it feels to me, how it is for us.

B.B.: Well, he is your Master right?

Liberty: Yes, of course and I'm his slave, completely.

B.B,: Do you role play?

Liberty: Not typically, no. It's not a light switch we turn on/off.There is no time off, time-out, vacation time or sick time (although we care for each other if someone is ill.) He is Daddy all the time, and I'm his girl always-24/7 around the clock, 366 days a year.

B.B. I know you, you're counting leap year!
So no adult-baby stuff for you?

Liberty: Not our kink, no.

B.B.: So what do you want people to know about your Daddy and you?

Liberty: Daddy is a holds a lot of significance for me, for us. I won't say, "Imagine a less provocative word if it feels better for you." That would just be bullshit. Read the story and find out how he is my Daddy; why it is the only honorific that really fits. Let it make you uncomfortable when it should, but not because of that word. I'm sure B.B. has done the best to paint the picture accurately and with her own artistic flair.

I want them to know that it goes deeper than whips and chains and all the accoutrements associated with the Lifestyle. The subtle little things and the wonderfully profound things you may not realize until later, when you find yourself looking back again. All of those things matter, and the word Daddy matters, so suck it up and swallow hard and read on and you'll find the beauty of what a Daddy Dom can be.

B.B. Alrighty then! I think that's a wrap! Do you have a blog you want linked? And would you be interested in writing a guest blog for me sometime? I know you love it!

Liberty: Hell yeah! I'd love to do that!

Mine isn't up right now. It's under-construction and I'll be back going strong with a new project soon. I'll let ya' know!

Happy 4th of July!

Time for us to enjoy the fireworks!

~B.B. and Liberty

Liberty Lee Lafayette

Daddy's girl slave/Property of Calix Xavier IV
Former Rock Journalist/talent scout. Multi-tasker extraordinaire!

 Siesta Key, Florida/Los Angeles, CA



Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meet Blaze-TEASER for Not Even Death 2-STILL Your Master


Blaze St. Sebastian. His name had presence just sitting there all by itself. Attach the rest of the man to it, and she’d definitely be toast! She could never discern what was more awe inspiring about him—when there was just so much to choose from. His impressive stature was obviously, well—impressive. 

The broad shoulders covered in intricate tattoos were the perfect shelf for the long, still jet, black hair. His long lean legs wrapped up like a beautifully kinky gift in black leather were the perfect trail leading to his boots—oh how she could kneel in front of those for days. 

All the wonders of Blaze were worthy of note, but all that glorious manliness paled in comparison to her favorite parts. Always tied for first place were his incredible face and his well-deep, blade-sharp dark and dirty—mind. 

His face looked to have been chiseled by angels and demons—in tandem for one day—for one colossal and unblemished project. His eyes were the perfect color of the water surrounding her beloved gazebo, and in them a fire raged amidst the tides. His lips were full and flawless and looked so delicious when he spoke. Oh God, his voice, how could I forget that voice? Oh hell, leave it to a man named after two saints to make me want to sin so… fucking… much!

Review of Not Even Reed James

Erotica author, blogger and reviewer Reed James gives his take on Not Even Death-ETERNALLY Your Master. 5 out of 5 hot lashes! READ THE REVIEW

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