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AUTHOR'S CHOICE SAMPLE- Not Even Death #2-Still Your Master

With the toy, and the audio files, she’d spent a lot of time in her cage, continuing to 
condition what he’d trained. Hearing him, feeling him and knowing he’d expect her 
to remain capable for Blaze always brought her back for more. 

​After seeing the old pictures and the dress, she needed to spend time with Markus 
more than ever. Markus and Blaze—at the same time—there really is a Santa 
Claus after all!
She crawled, naked, into the cage and found the special box that held the phallus. 
The case was smooth—black and silver—and could pass for a display box for 
fine jewelry. The silver snap in the front was ornamental and added to its simple 
elegance. She removed the silicone toy from the black satin lined box and gave it 
a reverent kiss. 
“Hello Master, thank you for this wonderful keepsake.” She spoke out loud to him, as she’d done so 
many times since his passing. She didn’t want to hazard that he could hear her and not honor him properly.
Laying back she continued to kiss the toy, moistening the head with a swirling tongue as she imagined 
Markus introducing her to Blaze. The scene in her mind darted around before settling in a nightclub. 

​Is this Master’s club, or Blaze’s? 

She tried to focus, blocking out unnecessary input.
They were in what appeared to be a V.I.P. room, set above the distant revelry. The wide aperture of 
her mind’s eye could see only the three of them—the distant lights flickering in a colorful haze around 
them—bathed them in a warm glow. 

She slowly explored herself, gently rubbing on her clit as she tried to get lost in her vision. 
​“Blaze, I would like you to meet my precious slave, Calico.” She sat on Markus’ lap—the faces of the
 Masters filled the frame of the picture in her mind.

​Her finger slid up and down—teasing—before introducing the toy.

She looks as succulent as you described.” The lust in his voice was unmistakable and the dangerous smile in his eyes flashed bright in the darkened loft.

“Oh, I assure you she is that. Aren’t you Kitten?” Markus’ hand slid easily underher short skirt, 
lifting and exposing her to Blaze. 
 She blushed, “Yes Sir, if it pleases you.” Why did I say that? That’s the wrong response!

"Please forgive her.” He chuckled. “You must be getting to her Blaze.” His amusement grew and was joined by Blaze’s deep, throaty laugh.

​Without warning—save for experience—she was prostrate over her owner’s lap. How humiliating, in front of him, of all people.

She took the toy from her mouth and began stroking it between her lips. The sweet seduction was just 
like Markus.
Her ass was bared, and shining like a full, harvest moon. The long dark tresses grazed the floor as 
her head rested on her Master’s shoe. In one quick twist, he’d reduced her to holes and heels.  The 
shame of it all—damn I’m so wet!

“Would you like to try another answer Kitten?” He teased as a hand landed on her upturned mounds. 
Fingers began to explore her folds—she could see in her mind—the fingers were glistening, Markus’. 
Blaze was the sole attendee of a command performance.

“Yes, please Sir.” She spoke from where her head rest below.

​His hand came down again, as the fingers displayed her further—her passion taking center stage.

“Feel free to touch her, you’ll find she’s as receptive as I promised.”

As she struggled to find the words, new fingers—longer and of larger hands—began stroking her 
already tuned instrument. His touch was adept at hitting the right chords without as much as a lesson.

 “I’m sorry Kitten I don’t think we heard you. Didn’t you have something to say?” Markus was 
enjoying her frustration. The fingers continued playing and the hand resumed spanking.  “What was 
the question again—please Sir?” With the blood rushing to her head, and the music rushing to her 
fluttering sex—she couldn’t remember a thing.
 “She’s really very sweet, just easily preoccupied.” The spanking ceased and more fingers joined the 
song being played in her now throbbing pussy.
Markus’ hand was at the back of her neck, fisting her hair and pulling her up.

The question Kitten—you are as succulent as I promised, aren’t you?” Before she could call the words forth, fingers were thrust into her mouth. She licked her own desire, hungry to please.

Dipping a finger to her wetness she enacted the vision, sucking her fingers as if they were his.​

When the fingers were clean, her mouth no longer full—she replied. “Yes, Sir—I am—succulent and sweet…like a juicy peach.”

She spoke the words out loud, and felt a surge of excitement at the admission. She reveled in being made to talk dirty. Owning her desire and wanton lust turned her into a shameless slut—she was soaked.

“See how much she loves to be controlled? How she responds when she admits exactly what she is.” 
Markus was opening her further to Blaze—showing him the sweet honey of her pleasure—an 
invitation to feast.

​ Blaze added more fingers to her hole. As both men continued to fill her, she opened to 
accommodate—imploring them—don’t stop, please—keep going!

The teasing of the toy, the sizzling scene in her mind, had her climbing—reaching for the crest—enjoying the journey. She wanted to savor every step and draw it out as long as she could. The toy teased inside with shallow penetration.

When she returned to the dream, Blaze’s cock was in his hand, pumping in a slow steady tempo. The other hand cupped his balls, stroking gently—filling them with hot, sticky yearning.

She knew he had a large cock, she’d heard the stories. The cock in her mind was exquisite—she couldn’t wait to feel him, taking every hole—hard, unyielding—completely.

​ "I want to acquaint your cock with my slave.” Markus said, taking Blaze’s shaft from his grip—continuing the pace.

She knew something like this would never have happened in real life. Still, the idea of Markus taking another man’s cock in hand—granting access to her—caused an unprecedented rush that consumed her.​

Markus was now behind Blaze—holding, stroking—preparing his entrance. He rubbed Blaze’s cockhead up and down, between the wet, pink folds. Calico was on her back holding her legs wide, tilting up—welcoming his use.

“Talk dirty to her…tell her what a slut she is.” Markus was guiding Blaze, revealing her secret buttons.

 The soft, spongy tip of Blaze’s cock was at her opening—she longed to beg but was quiet. She gazed 
longingly into her Master’s shining platinum eyes.

“Do you accept the offer to enjoy my slave?

“Fuck yes; I want your sweet little slut!” Blaze said—throwing back his inky black mane— in closed-eyed ecstasy.
“You can use her as you please, that is something else she responds quite well to. The less control she 
has, the more she’ll respond.” Markus said, burying Blaze into her wetness up to the ridge. He was 
teasing all of them, controlling the scene.

Calico pushed the toy in a bit further, just past the ridge at the base of the tip. The lube from her wicked lust coated the toy and saturated the bedding beneath her ass.

She’s yours to enjoy—take her at will.” Markus was now behind her head, holding her legs up and open. The force of his grip pulled her back and up—divulging everything—inviting anything.

She could feel the orgasm building, as she continued to climb. She could see the top and knew it wouldn’t be long before she lost all control.​ Hold out as long as you can Kitten, pace yourself. He was everywhere!​

Blaze began to slowly thrust into her—each time going all the way—his tight, full balls playing a song against her skin as he hit bottom. 
​ She moved the toy in the same way he fucked her—slamming in all the way—slow, seductive—forceful.

Markus continued holding her open—still—bound. She couldn’t move to meet the thrusts— she 
squeezed tightly, trying to stroke his cock with her pussy. But the momentum was his alone and she 
could only accept what he gave as it was given. His teasing hardness was wondrous torture—and the 
look in his eyes left her awestruck. With a perfect rhythm he worked her up, the tempo 
building—raising her to the heights.

 “Do you want to show me how grateful you are for my attention Kitty, show me how great I make you 
feel?” He coaxed her to the edge.

 Looking up to Markus, then to Blaze—waiting for permission.
 “Tell him Kitten, tell him how appreciative you are.” Markus commanded.

 “Yes…please Sir…I am so grateful…please let me show you Sir.” She begged for release—for 
freedom to express her gratitude.

“Markus, she is very eager to please—you were right—I’ll enjoy her immensely.”
 He continued as she barely held her footing on the edge of the cliff. Her body shook, her back tried 
to arch in Markus’ hold.

“Please, Sir…please…May I come? Oh please?” She knew she couldn’t hold out much longer, she 
couldn’t disobey and yet she was restrained and couldn’t move to resist.

 “Please, Sir…I don’t want to come without permission….I beg you.”Calico pleaded with her body, 
her eyes—her urgent pleas.

“Show me Kitty—take every inch of my cock and coat it with your gratitude.”

He began plunging harder, deeper and faster—his song was nearing climax—carrying her with it.

 “Thank you Sir…Oh thank you…” She managed through clenched teeth. Tears filled her eyes and a 
primal sound escaped her soul as she pulsed on his shaft in glorious release. The pulsing beat of her 
orgasm continued, joining his rhythm—milking him with the intense grip of her passion.

​ Suddenly she was pulled by her hair to her knees, in front of the ready to explode cocks of both men. 

As she rode out the end of her solo orgasm, she continued thrusting….dreaming of the joint pleasure of 
the Masters. She sucked the toy clean—kissed it and said, “Thank you for my life Sir…thank you for 
remaining here…still.”

 After a few moments she crawled out of the cage and took the toy to the bathroom for washing. In her 
trance like state she remembered.

 “Oh no, I forgot the boots!” She squealed.
 Cleaning the toy could wait—she had a task to complete.

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