Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Path to Glass Dildos Is Paved with--Ooo Shiny!

A great meme for my weekend!
If you look at the meme to the left, you will sort of get an idea how looking at craft things to throw a series of book release parties ended up at glass dildos.  

Crafts and glass dildos do go together don't they? (Could happen to anyone.)

During my cyber shopping spree--(Read:Pinning and bookmarking everything that went together in my mind for future use.) I did manage to find inspiration for some elements in the book I'm finishing, Not Even Death #3-Always Your Master.

As I continued to shop, I found oodles of ideas to throw the aforementioned parties--as well as how to make labels in MS Word. While in Word, I began designing the three piece patch concepts for the MC Romance series I will begin in 2015. 'Cause labels and motorcycle club patches are almost the same *cough*.

Incidentally, designing the patch rockers is what brought me to the sites on the path to glass sex toys to begin with.

Every story needs a soundtrack
I have yet to actually type a word for the story, although, I've managed to find a ton of inspiration for all types of things. Consequently, I have more ideas to paint the atmosphere of the dungeon and formal BDSM dinner I'm writing--so things are being written/conceptualized/drafted--they just haven't made it into my computer yet.

I've also found a plethora of unique ideas for promotional items. Which is how I ended up writing this particular blog post now. As I was drinking my coffee, thinking of what I could say or use on different items--because ya' know, I just picked up a pen and my mind went there--I thought about the messages and symbolism I use in my story lines.
This can be beneficial or Ooo SHINY!
The transforming power of love is a common under--or over--lying theme in my work and life. The most obvious other topic is surrender. In my work surrender is in the form of submission to a Dominant by a female slave but the other, probably less obvious, form is surrendering to your true self (whatever shape that may take.)

Symbols worthy of note are the infinity symbol and how similar it is to a butterfly--the commonly used symbol of transformation. If we live our lives as a journey and not a destination we are constantly in a state of change--infinitely transforming. Each love--relationship--friendship aids in the color of our design. The infinity symbol also looks like a twisted halo--and most of my characters are twisted and tarnished but good at their core and true to who they are.

Working cover for "Golden Doll"
When all the dust settles and "Golden Doll" and the MC Romance series are released I will explain more of the hidden things I add to the stories that have many meanings. Just keep in mind, when you read my stories--I choose my words quite deliberately.

Now, I hope to be able to reel myself in and continue to write the remainder of Calico's journey with the Bishop. Its been a Dickenesque trip through her past with just enough Carroll thrown in to make me wonder if the Bishop is Scrooge, The Queen of Hearts or just a sexy, high protocol Master she loves to hate.

Time to slow the warp speed to a comfortable pace and revisit my old friend hyperfocus!

Hyperfocus is the very reason I ended up researching the weather for the dates of my most recent story and found there'd been an historical Nor'easter.


P.S. What about the glass dildo?

It made it into this delicious poem by Saharah Shae
This is a great Christmas poem about the #NaughtMisfits

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  1. I remember that night! :) You were quite excited about those glass dildos!