Character Interviews
Sitting down today to speak with Calico Cruz and Derrick Destry, the subjects of Not Even Death-Eternally Your Master. 


B.B. It only makes sense I start this series with the two of you since you're the topic of the book.

Hey, don't forget Markus. None of it would've been possible without Markus.

Derrick: (patting Calico's hand) She's never been declawed! (laughing)

Calico looks a bit uncomfortable....eesh!

Excuse my manners, I'm still protective of him. I'm sorry.

That's quite alright, it's understandable. Even after all this time...he was your first right?


Yes—my first love—my first Master—my first...everything.

And he was your best friend, correct Derrick? It must've seemed strange when he told you what he wanted to do.

Yes, he was and it was somewhat strange, but not as weird as you might think. I mean, we are in "the Lifestyle"....We'd talked about doing some things before.

But, with Markus involved in the actual process not out of the picture?


Oh, make no mistake, he was still beyond involved—in the entire process. None of it would've happened without his planning. It was truly one of the biggest honors and a gift that just went all the way around.

Calico: (looking to Derrick) 
May I? (He nodded) 
It was so beautiful and astute of Markus to plan things the way he did. He was always meticulous about everything, all "i"s dotted and "t"s crossed. He couldn't have done it more perfectly really. Such a huge, and like Derrick said, expansive gift.

She's right. There were things he brought up that would make me shake my head, like "No way man! You really think she'll be okay with that?" But not one time did he go wrong! 

Calico did you ever expect he'd do something like this? Did you expect Derrick to be an accomplice?

Oh, God no! How could anyone even think about expecting that? I mean it would be nice if people took care of each other after....but, some people might not like it either. Different strokes and all of that, right? 
(she shoots a sideways glance at Derrick) 
And this one, (she smiles, looking sheepish) 
This, Sir, was completely out of left field. 

Derrick: (pointing to Calico) 
THIS one better mind her P.s and Q.s 
(looking to her with a big, mischievous smile) 
I still know your Master....And why would it be so surprising that he'd choose me? We were best friends, and it's not like we hadn't been to play parties together.

Well...It's just...(looking to me) 
He was always so safe, I mean not like a puppy or something, but not Markus. Markus had this way of gently but firmly pushing the envelope...

What happened there Calico? You trailed off...

Sorry, Freudian slip or something...You know, the whole envelope/letter is how this started...remember? Anyway, Derrick was not a pusher, he was safe like that. He didn't even want to hurt you, hurt you...Do you know what I mean?

I do, but could you explain it for me?


I'll take this one, since she is talking about me, (looking to Calico, his grin almost devilish) 
You are going to be in so much trouble later kitten! (Back to me) 
So, as she was trying to say; I had never had a slave, Lucy, my ex, was submissive and Calico is a slave. Lucy had a checklist of things she wouldn't do, when she would and wouldn't do them...the whole nine. Because Cali is a slave, her rules are a bit different.

What are her rules?

She really has none, except for those set forth by her Master. There are things he won't do, ever, and so she would never be asked to do them (the usual, awful list, where most people draw the line.) Other than that, she has trust that her Master will never harm her—that is the distinction.  Hurt would be causing pain or other discomfort. Harm would require medical attention (that's just one definition.)

So hurt vs. harm?

Yes. But, in fairness, she's right. I really almost drew the line at hurt. Lucy was such a softy, it didn't take much. If I left a bruise, I'd feel guilty all week.

And now?

Yes, what about now, Sir? (she obviously knows the answer)

Now...after my time with Cali...I have been able to appreciate bruises...and slaves. I had the desire before, but I didn't have a safe arena to play in...until Markus and Cali.

What aren't you saying Calico? You look like the kitten that just ate the canary. (She's glowing)

I'm not going to'll have to wait and see what happens. Besides, that's a whole different story and this one will keep you busy enough. Maybe next time!

Does that mean I can talk with you all again?

Yes, I'll have to check with Master first, of course.

Yes, I'd like that!

Looking forward to catching up with them again. I have so many questions I want answered. What about Blaze? And who is her current Master? What about the rest of her past? What about Derrick and his slave?

If you have any questions for them, message me and we can get the answers next time!


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