Saturday, December 13, 2014

Author's Choice FREE SAMPLE-Not Even Death #1-Eternally Your Master

 I know there are always free samples given through retailers, but as the author, I've decided to choose which samples I personally would like to share. I hope you enjoy these!


Once in the car Derrick reached out to her. “You’re very pleasing Cali. Markus trained you so well.”

​ She was glad for the darkness. She didn’t want Derrick to see her blush. She was 
not prideful and didn’t want him to get the wrong impression. She did need to hear 
those words though, they kept her centered. Well trained, by Markus. 
He turned the key in the ignition and the car came alive—so much for the darkness. Her legs still 
quivered from the intensity of the orgasm he’d taken from her. She knew he could feel it. Her cheeks 
grew hot again.

 He pushed her legs apart as they drove toward the estate. His fingers settling on her sensitive sweet 
spot made her jump.
​ “Good, as I hoped. You know we aren’t done.” He’d be ready for more with the right incentive. A good 
session with the floggers might just provide the inspiration he needed. He smiled in the darkness, but his 
jaw tightened as he gripped the wheel. He loved how she trembled at his touch and it was so hard to 
restrain his passion. “Turn toward me. I wanna see you open to me for the rest of the night.” 

She followed his command, twisting to face him with her legs still open. Her breathing slowed as her 
heart beat increased. 

Breathe baby, you must not forget to breathe. 
She could hear Markus in her heart and concentrated on breathing slow and steady.
 He pushed her skirt up and pulled the tank down just enough to get a peek at the little treasures hiding 
beneath. His foot remained steady on the accelerator. His composure hid the barely throttled passion 
revving inside.
She felt so wonderfully exposed and helpless as he reached up, pinching her nipples. They stiffened with 
the hint of pain. She sat up higher in the seat, turning toward the pain, opening further to him. She wanted 
 him to see it all. 
 “So responsive—I’ve always loved that about you Cali.” He mused. “Remember what I told you about 
how I’d fuck you?” The temperature of his desire quickly increased at the thought. Sitting on idle for the 
ride was proving to be a challenge. He wanted her again already.
She thought back, and recalled what he’d said on Skype. She knew it had Markus written all over it. He’d
always talked about having her fucked like that--beyond her enjoyment. The idea had been molded into 
her being and was a constant fantasy.

“Yes Sir, I do.” She said, feeling a rush of anticipation. The quivering from the orgasm was replaced with
 slight, electric pulses spreading throughout her body.
“Before I go…I am going to fuck you until you beg me to stop. I’ve been instructed to ignore tears...
pleas…and any manipulation. The only thing that’ll make me stop once I begin is my choice, or your 
safe-word…Do you understand?” His hand was reaching toward her again, his eyes never leaving the 
road, foot still steady.
She began to tremble, trying to suppress the building excitement. His fingers reached her wet folds. Her 
secret was out. 
“Just as I expected…” He laughed, keeping his eyes on the road. “But the plan is to go past your 
enjoyment—past your excitement—to make you truly selfless as you’re taken.” 

He’d thought Markus was out of his mind when he mentioned his plan. He’d been assured of her response
and training for specifically this task. Derrick had never been able to wrap his head around Master/slave 
relationships on this level, but the idea was enticing. 

“Hey, “Calico asked pointedly, before remembering her place and softening her tone. “Do you like 
it…that you can make girls cry when you fuck them?” She hoped he’d say yes; if he said no she wouldn’t 
believe him anyway. She needed him to truly enjoy it. Her ability to accept it was dependent upon it.

 His cock jumped and grew harder as he considered his reply. His foot pressed down on the pedal, as his 
throttled passions rushed forth, fueling him, igniting sparks, expanding his girth before being stifled again.  
He had to keep it together, for now. The tension inside him grew.

He focused on the question. Sure, he occasionally felt bad about it—but mostly because he liked it so 
fucking much. Something about seeing tears well in a sub’s eyes while he drove his cock deeper… He 
still wrestled with that side of himself. He was only sporadically sadistic and hadn’t learned to embrace 
that inner longing. Markus knew this and time with Cali was his gift unto that end.

​ “Well, do you Sir?”

​ His fingers slipped in between her slippery folds, aiding in and distracting him from his response. He 
focused on the road but loved the sweet, wetness covering his fingers.

“Honestly?” He asked, teasing her while biding time. They were almost back to the estate and the harsh 
session ahead of them would change the tides for awhile.

 “Yes, please.” Cali said, releasing a sigh. Please, please….please!
​ “Honestly, I think someone wants to find out…someone’s wet, little slit is begging to know.” He couldn’t
 believe how turned on she was. Markus knew his slave alright. Her response was driving him crazy and 
he did his best not to react. He knew it was all he could do not to pull over and show her exactly how 
he felt about it.  Thank you Markus!

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