Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back With A Hump Day Quickie

Sorry if I've been distant lately. I've been busy working on the new installment of Not Even Death....STILL Your Master; working my day job and to top it off I had some issues with my internet connection. I'm just not patient enough to write anything substantial or significant on my phone (okay, maybe it isn't lack of patience but rather lack of visual acuity.)

I'm almost to the half-way mark with the the novella and am enjoying the hero, rock-star, Blaze St. Sebastian immensely! I was hoping to be kept under lock and key with him until the leaves begin to change colors in the fall. But, in the name of selflessness, I want to share him with others sooner (like I could be in charge of a force of nature like him!?) His tour will be moving on and Markus has another to expose Calico to before she'll be ready for her happily ever after with her One!

I hope she'll find her One before Christmas. The most romantic time of the year, and the end of the old and start of her new life--sounds like perfection to me!

If you're new to the series (as most will be) read the sample of #1-Not Even Death-ETERNALLY Your Master. It will give a glimpse of what could happen to a slave after her Master dies. He's planned for her world to be shaken up--only to help all the pieces fall neatly into place again.

In #2- STILL Your Master- Calico will learn to embrace and take chances on life again with the sizzling rock God, Blaze St. Sebastian of the heavy metal band-HOT KINK.

#3-ALWAYS Your Master-Will remind Calico of the fundamentals of being an obedient, well trained slave.

#4-FOREVER Your Master-Will Calico finally have her happily ever after? Will it be vanilla? Will it be M/s? Only the gift under the tree with the big, red bow will reveal.

Looking forward to seeing where Markus Cruz takes us on this journey through his slave's life as he shows, Not Even Death.....will break their bond.


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