Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meet Blaze-TEASER for Not Even Death 2-STILL Your Master


Blaze St. Sebastian. His name had presence just sitting there all by itself. Attach the rest of the man to it, and she’d definitely be toast! She could never discern what was more awe inspiring about him—when there was just so much to choose from. His impressive stature was obviously, well—impressive. 

The broad shoulders covered in intricate tattoos were the perfect shelf for the long, still jet, black hair. His long lean legs wrapped up like a beautifully kinky gift in black leather were the perfect trail leading to his boots—oh how she could kneel in front of those for days. 

All the wonders of Blaze were worthy of note, but all that glorious manliness paled in comparison to her favorite parts. Always tied for first place were his incredible face and his well-deep, blade-sharp dark and dirty—mind. 

His face looked to have been chiseled by angels and demons—in tandem for one day—for one colossal and unblemished project. His eyes were the perfect color of the water surrounding her beloved gazebo, and in them a fire raged amidst the tides. His lips were full and flawless and looked so delicious when he spoke. Oh God, his voice, how could I forget that voice? Oh hell, leave it to a man named after two saints to make me want to sin so… fucking… much!

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