Monday, August 11, 2014

Making the Most of Vacation Day (Losing My Mind)

Whew, nothing like a long weekend working to get ya' ready to go back and do it all again! (*cough*) At least I used my time wisely (or so I think.)

My dogs and cats are throwing me evil eyes--I heard one of them mumble something about an intervention (that's what it sounded like anyway!) The house has barely been touched (but then again, it's barely been messed up since I've been in the computer for days.) Oh, yes, and I've almost forgotten to eat--unless cereal and fruit snacks count as food. Some pretzel pieces I had left over from the work week were used as sample meat (no really, actual meat) in writing a part in my latest novella so they make the distinction--I've eaten plenty and well! Maybe it's the lack of food stuff, or the abundance of coffee, Mt. Dew and Twitter but I'm starting to think the animals might be on to something. Intervention here I come!

So what do I have to show for the possible stint at Passages Malibu? I'm glad you asked (I heard you, so don't try to take it back now!)

In my more lucid moments I managed to build a new website, in a very unfriendly program (I swear it was conspiring with the animals, who surely want the house to themselves to throw big parties while I'm away.) I'm actually pretty happy with the outcome, but right now I'm questioning my mind, so take what I say with a grain (or pound) of salt. It was much more difficult than it needed to be, but the result is very clean and pretty.

I also got the proof copies of the novella with the new cover and with just three minimal changes its now up for sale at Create Space.

It'll be available on Amazon in 3-5 business days (what is THAT?) Aren't all days business days for them? Or if you click on Amazon at 5:01 pm (your time zone of choice) on Friday is there a sign that has "Closed-Weekend-Gone Fishin'!" emblazoned across all of Amazonlandia? So, anyway--some day soon--the paperback of Not Even Death-Eternally Your Master will be officially available on Amazon. (How many times can I work the word Amazon into one paragraph? Talk about redundant word use-but there is no synonym for (I dare ya' to try www. and see if it takes you to Amazon: There is no substitute!

Just to change things up (new paragraph and all.) I finally made my Amazon Author Page.

Today, I read a great BDSM/erotic book and posted a review on (THE BEHEMOTH SITE.COM) And, just so I'd be well-rounded, I also wrote about 2,000 words or so in the next installment of Not Even Death...STILL Your Master.

The icing on the cake? I tweeted, retweeted, surfed Twitter and all my fellow twits and did it all repeatedly. Ultimately, the animals spiked my coffee with some sort of sleeping pill and took over at the wheel.

So, as you read this keep in mind--I've probably lost my mind, or am in an amnesiac state due to overdose of animal tranquilizers and cannot be held responsible.

Have a good night!


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