Thursday, June 12, 2014

Not Even Death-Eternally Your Master E-book Released

 I'm excited to announce the release of my first e-book, Not Even Death-ETERNALLY Your Master.

This will be the first in the series of four and after completing this I'm eager to get to the next hero--Blaze! He's sure to be a rockin' hot time!

As I begin on the next in the series I am also formatting for the print release--So follow to be kept up to date.

I will also be toiling away to complete editing on the novel (Now THAT is an undertaking!) I am anxious to get back in bed and into the dungeon with them (I've missed them dearly while working on N.E.D #1.) Their story is currently in my phone and going through my process with me (What's that? See my interview at Smashwords to find out!)

During all of this my fur kids have been patiently (and impatiently) waiting for me to come back to them. I should probably get to that (unless I want to find a hairball on my toothbrush.)

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