Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blog Hoppin'....Like A Virgin (Well sort of like that)


Although I'm not part of the actual hop, I am sorta stalkin' it just to see how it all goes. So far I've hopped by one blog to read and found three really excellent interviews. Each was very different and that caught my attention (kind of like shiny things!) The blog I stopped by belonged to Anais Morgan  . I loved her tagline/headline and had to continue to read.

Her interview with Emily Veinglory was very nice and made me laugh. Oh, and there is a cover for her latest book with a really sweet looking hottie on it. (I'm still wondering what his eyes would look like if he let go of his locks and slowly tilted his face forward, just a little. I'll wait.)

As I skipped (I mean hopped) along the trail of characters I stepped into the middle of a super hot threesome. This one is very nicely done and in depth. It includes a candid interview with the characters of Maryn Blackburn's "Brick by Brick" I really enjoyed the interview and want to know more (there is a sample there as well!)

My next stop down the bunny hole....I mean blog hop...'caught me hopping into a strikingly unlikely character for a crush. First, he is half-demon—and this is the crazy part—he is ALL BLOND! So right there he is not necessarily my personal type. Oh, and did I mention, he's anime? Okay, so not my guy? But, he has tats and a barbed tail (that does sort of cancel some of the other things out doesn't it?) Go check out Striker (Illustrated by Dani Smith) and tell me if you don't start crushin' on him too! (I dare ya'!)

I've only hopped around a little, but so far I think I can dig this (if I get tired I'll take a rest and see what other unlikely hotness hops past me!)


Below is the schedule if you want to hop along too! (Who am I kidding? These are the breadcrumbs so I don't get lost in the woods along the way!)

Check out Scarlet Day's blog....it's smokin' hot!

Week One:
June 23 Azalea Moone  interviewing Anais Morgan. (Check out my thoughts-below- on this one...or go read it yourself and see if we agree!)
June 24 Anais Morgan interviewing Emily Veinglory
June 25 Emily Veinglory interviewing Scarlet Day
June 26 Scarlet Day interviewing Zoe X. Rider
June 27 Zoe X. Rider interviewing Gail Bridges
June 28 Gail Bridges interviewing Crane Hana
June 29 Crane Hana interviewing Kate Lowell
Week 2
June 30 Kate Lowell interviewing Karenna Colcroft
July 01 Karenna Colcroft interviewing Kimber Vale
July 02 Kimber Vale interviewing Ravon Silvius
July 03 Ravon Silvius interviewing Tara Quan
July 04 Tara Quan interviewing Ana J. Phoenix
July 05 Ana J. Phoenix interviewing Evelyn Aster
July 06 Evelyn Aster interviewing Dee Tass
July 07 Dee Tass interviewing Azalea Moone

Okay, so I was hopping along and took a turn at the big oak tree and followed the moon directly to the big azalea bush over by the lake (you know where I'm going right?)....That's where I found Azalea Moone's blog and interview with Anais Morgan. I realized after reading the interview that I have to read Assist Me by Anais Morgan (if for no other reason than to read her current work in progress...*sigh* Solomon just sounds delectable! )First, VAMPIRE and if that's not enough there is some kind of BDSM (The phrase "blood slave" caught my attention)

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  1. Thanks for following the bunny trail! We're having a great time!