Friday, June 6, 2014

Editing and Still More Editing

So the idea seemed sound when I first thought of it, take a step away from the big manuscript to let the spices sink in and give myself distance. I thought, sure, I'll write something short and sassy and then return. Well, the best laid plans and all of that....

A few months later and Lil' Miss Short & Sassy has become the novella I plan to release next week ("Not Even Death-ETERNALLY Your Master"....finally!) It has become much more than the original idea had intended. Like all children, it grew and continues to grow, becoming what it wants to be. The good thing is, it's almost completely edited. By my eyes and the eyes of my super-honest-I-know-it-might sting when I say this-but it's TRUTH-best friend. All I have yet to do is complete the full size cover art and quickly learn how to jump into all the e-pub platforms. Sounds like cake doesn't it? (Mmmm cake!)

Of course, this brings me back to the original manuscript that still has about 25 chapters waiting impatiently to be edited. (Oh, the tedium!)

Now, just to paint the picture, the "other child" is a novel that began over two years ago.

Over the course of two years you can become very close to your characters and situations. Ya' hang out a lot, share emotions and holidays. You see each other at your absolute worst (and best.) You're so close you don't even notice when the other has developed a serious muffin top. So there we were, just doing our thing and lo' and behold, "Mom's favorite" had expanded to 94, 900 words. It was time for a diet!

Thus began the arduous task of narrowing down my "favorite kid." Okay, so yeah, I admit, I have a favorite (shhh just don't let Short & Sassy know.) At some point my heart was no longer in it, I wanted to continue to allow the cream laden desserts and mid-night snacks. I was too close and had to step away!

Little by little I took parts away, hoping Favorite wouldn't notice...I think it's been working. After the time apart I've been able to see things differently, and Fave wears the trim nicely. Sadly, there's still more to go. There's some "back-THAT" (extraneous deposits of the word that, that seem to somehow find themselves hanging off the love handles) that can be whittled away to start. I've also noticed, after our separation, other areas in need of a work out.

So, although it's beyond tempting to continue hanging out with Short & Sassy (because, the next hunk is a sexy rock-star that I'm already drooling over) I hear the Favorite calling my name.

Ya' know, after the time apart, I remember why it was my favorite to begin with. There is so much substance...and the journey is such a wonderful roller coaster ride and of course...the sex....yeah.....

So I'm going back to hang out with the Favorite for awhile....but I'm sure I'll make time for special one-on-one time with S&S (the one who really surprised me.)


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  1. So, it's been a month. I hung out with Liberty (of the Fave-Golden Doll) on 4th of July for a little bit. Other than that, the ultra sexy rock God, Blaze St. Sebastian, has pulled me in.