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Carissa/Calico, Markus & Blaze -Who Are They?
I decided it would be fun to introduce the characters of the Not Even Death series to those who have yet to meet them.

 Since I write female submissive/slave characters and male Dominant/Masters it goes against my initial impulse to put Calico first. I am putting her first simply because she is the only female character interacting with the gentleman.

To meet Calico, you should also get a glimpse of Carissa (1977-1999/2001 Pisces)
21 yr. old Carissa, before meeting Markus Cruz-NYC 1999

Carissa was a runaway--from foster care, a bad relationship, a bug infested shelter and from her past. Her future was plotted for a dire outcome.

She ran con-games on tourists and businessmen/women, "suits" in (NYC)/Midtown Manhattan. She also did more than her fair share of pocket picking and panhandling.

With all the street time she had under her belt, she never resorted to prostitution, something she was proud of. This code of survival was one of the many things that caught the silvery eyes of CEO Markus Cruz.

Her fiercest ally and the toughest thorn in her side was Detective "Sher/Sheri" Sheridan. He watched out for her on the streets, but also had laws to uphold in the Midtown South Precinct. Carissa tended to flit around between the Midtown North and South Precincts, sometimes out of his reach, sometimes, just one right turn from bouncing off his chest.

She didn't have a chip "on her shoulder". Every bit of Carissa's 5'2" was a chip...and ready to shatter into pieces. Until, she caught the attention of one of New York's most in-eligible bachelors, Markus Cruz.


Now, you're prepared to meet Calico Cruz. (2001-present) Gemini.

Mrs. Calico Cruz, slave/widow of Markus Cruz
You won't find an actual "birth" certificate for Calico but she does have a marriage certificate and a slave certificate bearing the name given to her by Markus. Calico is now her legal name and her anniversary with Markus is the birth date she recognizes (the year, of course, is the same as Carissa's.)

Calico was created when Carissa's best qualities were fostered and her more, "questionable qualities" were "delicately" disciplined out of her.

The epitome of grace, submission and reality make Calico stand out among the fake socialites she has to rub elbows with. She may be polished on the surface, but internally, she is down to earth with a glowing heart.

Calico was taught to be a slave and has learned the beauty of her station in life. She has more strength in her collar, tennis skirt or fancy heels than Carissa had in combat boots with her thick, "Yo, what's it to ya?!" bravado.


Markus Cruz 1967-2011-C.E.O./Master
Markus Cruz, born to old-world money, was very much a self-made man. (1967-2011) Capricorn/Sagitarius

C.E.O. of Cruz Enterprises and everything that entails. If something truly piqued his interest, Markus would find a way to invest in it...this parlayed into his investment in the tough little pick-pocket, Carissa.

She began as an interesting "arrangement" and grew to be more than he'd bargained for. Markus hadn't gotten close enough to anyone since the accident to slip, much less fall head over flogger for. He thought he was impervious to love, especially with a slave, but he'd never met his creation--Calico.
Markus was a walking contradiction. A smiling, shining soul behind a serious facade. A soft and firm nomadic homebody with a gentle yet masterful energy. He had soft hands that delivered intense spankings with deep love boiling beneath his cool, ice-gray eyes.

As Master to Calico he brought her up by helping her to her knees, relieving her of the "chip"as they healed each others cracks.


Master Blaze St. Sebastian-Bassist/Vocals HOTKINK
Blaze St. Sebastian is the bass player and vocalist of heavy-metal/shock-rock band  HOTKINK.

Born Blaise Sebastian Giustino on December 19,1968 in Las Vegas, NV. "Blaze"  was the son of a connected, very married casino owner and his mistress, a young showgirl from Omaha, NE.  

When young Blaise's mother was found to be pregnant his father set them up in Pasadena, CA to keep the affair quiet.

Growing up comfortably in southern California, Blaise lived with and protected his mother. His father was away overseeing things in Nevada and would make it home for dinner as frequently as possible. Somehow, they seemed to have an almost normal family life. Blaise learned how to be the man of the house when his father was absent, a job he took to heart. He was strong of heart, mind and constitution-qualities that continued to grow with him.

Over time, the precocious child excelled in school and proved to be a musical virtuoso, garnering the attention of his father and a spot in a respected show. This gave a plausible reason for he and his mother to return to Vegas and the casino. 

For the remainder of his youth Blaise was thrust into the adult world of late night performances and the fast lane of fame. Tutors in the penthouse at the casino replaced formal schooling. Gamblers at the Black Jack table replaced family at a Thanksgiving table. All the women fawned over the handsome, smart and supremely talented young man and he learned to how to have them eating from his hand.

At seventeen Blaise and another "casino kid" decided to drive to Hollywood and start a band. His friend Trent, and the band, HOTKINK are still in high demand 26 years later.

The life and history of the characters of Not Even Death-Still Your Master.

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