Thursday, January 22, 2015

Book Trailer by Naughty Book Snitch-Not Even Death-Eternally Your Master

First, I'd like to thank Mindy Naughty Book Snitch for making this phenomenal trailer for the first of the Not Even Death series.

Her reviews are always creative and real. I am a huge fan of her work/creations and respect the way she does what she does. This makes this treat extra special for me!

Check out her blog and reviews Naughty Book Snitch to see what I mean.

Here is the actual review she did of  Not Even Death #1-Eternally Your Master

You can also check her out on and see what a voracious reader/reviewer she is.

I feel completely honored to have gotten Snitched and Trailer Snitched is the big, juicy cherry on top of my sundae!

Lastly, you can find her hanging out on Twitter--so follow the fun escapades @Naughtysnitch


  1. OMG! I cant believe I'm just now seeing this :D You are totally rocking my thong off right now! Thank you <3 It was an honor to read and review your work and I cant wait to read more about Calico's journey.

  2. I'm glad I could rock your thong off, it's how those alpha dominant men like it ;) Something tells me I'm going to have to return to Calico in the future, past FOREVER. Maybe she'll take a layover and continue the journey lol (I've got ideas!)