Monday, August 18, 2014

Long Weekend-So Much To Do

I've had another long weekend of constant work (I've heard of vacations and yet there is so much to do!)

Work In Progress
I'm getting closer to completing Not Even Death #2-Still Your Master, hoping today will be a big push forward. Keep an eye on my WIP Tracking Widget in the top left hand corner.

I created Facebook pages for each of the books in the series. I'll add information unique to each story as it comes.

Eternally...(Your Facebook)

Still....(Your Facebook)

Website Updates
I've added character profile pages to the website. I'm still working on getting them done for everyone but have added-

Markus Master of Calico-Catalyst of everything in the Not Even Death series!

Calix  Master of Liberty-the hero of "Golden Doll"

HOTKINK See lyrics to some of their songs...and keep posted to meet the rest of the band...including Blaze St. Sebastian...Trent Talon and others.

Calico Cruz/Carissa-Markus' slave- MC of Not Even Death Series

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